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Fashionista NOW: FRESH Ways To Wear The Military Green Color Trend

Credit | Alba Granda

Color and style ideas to wear with the shades of military green.

I’ve been eyeballing earthy green looks lately (blame it on the time spent in sweet nature) and thought I might share a few stand-outs from Lookbook with you. If dark or dusty green of the military persuasion seems to be rocking your boat at present, then this post will highlight some of the freshest ways to wear the green shades.

It doesn’t matter what shade of green you’re planning to wear, the idea is to make it pop by utilizing neutral hues like white, black and denim. Well, that sounds suber simple that I should drop the word ‘fresh’ totally from the title but you see, there are two other cool pastel hues you can wear with your dusty green and they are: baby blue and baby pink!

I’d add GREY too because it’s perfect when your aim is to camouflage during the monsoon where dark broody clouds, violent winds and general gloom are in abundance.

Anyway, trust in your eyeballs and let them ogle the looks down below for a quick style inspo. Enjoy!

What Color To Wear With Military Green?

With Another Shade Of Green + White

| Gilda

With Denim + Black

| Amanda Olivia L.

With Black + White

| FromAmandaWithLove

With Lightest Pink

| Mizuho K.

With Baby Blue

| Belle Sirisoonthorn

Which military green outfit is your favorite? Share below!

“There is always one thing to be grateful for – that one is one’s self and not somebody else.” — Emily Dickinson

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