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How To Wear Smocked Style Details With Confidence?

How to wear smocked style details with confidence?
Credit: Love, Bonito

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Modern smock details are drool-worthy and will make your look effortlessly feminine and dreamy.

Yo peeps, it’s time we take a look at some of the recent fashion that celebrates smock detailing as it’s one of my favorites! The humble smock is historically from the work shirt of a farmer. Smocking in clothing is a tailoring technique to gather fabric so it can have room to stretch as well as retain a form-fitting appearance.  Prior to the use of elastic in modern clothing, smocking was prevalent in the tailoring of necklines, bodices and cuffs of garments where the use of buttons were unnecessary due to practicality and/or aesthetics. 

The smock-licious pieces you will be seeing below are some of the latest designs being dropped on Love, Bonito. And they’re absolutely gorgeous! On blouses and dresses, the smocked detailing creates a wonderful textural interest along with making the silhouette structured and fitted with the ability to stretch according to your curves. (Referenced here)

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel for the smocked details in these pretty pieces as it brings something a little bit romantic into the contemporary dressing style scene. They lend a classic feel and characteristic to a dress or a blouse that may look rather plain without their gathered presence.

So, let us marvel at each of the smocked blouses & dresses below now, shall we?

Modern Smocked Blouses & Dresses To Consider Wearing...

Smocked Peplum Top
Smocked Peplum Top
Dreamy Green Smocked Midi Dress
Dreamy Green Smocked Midi Dress
Smocked Blouse
Smocked Blouse
Sleeveless Smocked Midi Dress
Sleeveless Smocked Midi Dress
Smocked Tie Shoulder Maxi Dress
Smocked Tie Shoulder Maxi Dress

Where to get your hands on these dreamy frocks and tops, you wonder?

No secret there, girls.

So, what do you think of these smocked dresses and tops? Would you wear them? Share with us, down below.

Do you know of an independent vintage dress boutique with a fascinating style palette that you want to share with the world? Let us know so we can feature it here!

Stay stylish, fit, fresh and keep your distance!



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