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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Denim Jacket And Pencil Skirt Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Miriam Mibao

Do you have pencil skirts lying around in the closet waiting to be worn but feel like they’re a tad too pretty or dressy for your taste to be worn on a casual dash? Well, there is a thing you do to dress your pencil skirt down and it involves denim jackets.

My awkward teenage years were filled with gaudy slouchy tops and pants that I’m only just realizing that denim or chambray jackets are a must. I confess that while the denim jackets are a staple for loads of people, they are basically not the usual suspects you’ll ever find in my wardrobe.

Ever since I’ve started writing about them and spotting them everywhere, I have been on a hunt for a pretty light breezy piece and cannot believe that I’m just recently noticing how ridiculously awesome is the denim jacket at dressing down any type of skirts (and dresses, too)!

If you own pencil skirts, no matter the length, fabric or print but find that you just don’t wear them out enough for the reason that your dressing style leans on the casual (like me), I’m giving you a nudge to pair them with the ever-so-casual and chic denim jacket you happen to have! Of course, this applies to flared skirts or any type of skirts you own.

As always, let us draw some quick style inspiration from the fashionistas below.

Denim Jacket & Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas:

| Monroe Steele

| Laurielle Haze

| Yulia Sidorenko

| Claudia Villanueva

| Laura Frances Heitzman

| Kerstyn Inouye

Tell us: which denim jacket and pencil skirt combo do you see yourself wearing?

“My personal style falls between casual cool and meticulous slob. I’m most comfortable in jeans, but I love fashion.”Reid Scott

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