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Fashionista NOW: How To Update Your Jogger Sweatpants Style Game?

Why these pants again? Because jogger sweatpants have diversified and you want to slay in them.

Remember jogger pants? Yes, because I just talked about it recently in this post and why these ripped denim jogger pants are beyond gorgeous! I noticed some of you are looking for outfit ideas involving jogger sweatpants and thought I’d give you ladies something to look forward to wearing and styling if jogger pants are your thing.

Jogger pants of the black, white, grey and pink kinds are the usual suspects in many style bloggers’ wardrobe and should you ever feel like stepping out of that box, there are embroidered jogger pants, bold colored jogger pants and printed joggers to choose from so you can diversify your collection of the comfy sporty pants variety you already have in your closet.

While styling these pants down proves to be pretty easy, as you can throw on a crop hooded top and throw on some sneakers, you can also opt to style them up with heels (or pretty pumps) and ladylike blouses that have collars, waist flares and even a dramatic sleeve design. You can wear jogger pants with your Autumn/fall OOTDs effortlessly by layering on top with your fave kind of jacket and putting your feet into a pair of boots.

To get a visual idea on the various styles of jogger pants bloggers are wearing out there and outfits they work them with, enjoy scrolling through the looks!

Which jogger pants style and look would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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