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Hot Earring Trend Spotted: Statement Red Heart Earrings

Hot Earring Trend Spotted: Statement Red Heart Earrings

Credit | SportsSuppliesCraft

Looking for the next earring style guaranteed to spice up your ear bling game? Something red in color and heart-shaped may just take over your ears and frame your delightful face!

Heart-shaped earrings in statement red YOU can’t resist!

When I was researching for a new ear adornment to get excited about when I think about putting on a pair of earrings to quickly enliven an old casual but classic outfit, I thought about them being in the line of the urban minimalistic box but chunky with a bold edge to offer as we move away from the dainty delicate trinkets that can look the same from afar.

I found the answer in these HUGE but rad earrings on Etsy and I’m thinking that if you’re into hearts in a striking RED color and an earring design that’s meant to be unforgettable, then these particular red heart beauties are so going to be right up your alley.

I didn’t even know they existed until a few moments ago and now, here I am showing you the bling bling that could truly add some major oomph into practically any ensemble you’re wearing. Are you ready?

Let’s go.

As always, scroll away and enjoy!

Red Heart Dangle Statement Earrings



Large Red Heart Stud Earrings



Open Hoop Red Heart Earrings

I know you wanna know: SportSuppliesCraft is the jewelry label behind these eye-catching heart earrings. Make sure to give them a visit so you can check them all out closely before ordering.

Well, what do you think of the heart earring style? Share your thoughts down below!

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