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Let This Handmade Wood Bookmark Carry Your Thoughtful Messages

Wooden Bookmark Gift Idea 2020
Credit: OlivePressCo

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For something that is made of wood and printed with a special message for a gift that is thoughtful, minimalist and forever a book lover’s favourite.

A bookmark you can personalize on a canvas of wood is a fun way to send a wish, message or a meaningful text to someone in your life on their special day. These wood bookmarks can be used to mark a page in a book or magazine and act as a decorative placeholder wherever you want them to be. The wood element is something to celebrate as it is a sustainable gift that we all could use more of. The font type and drawing detail as well can be further customized to reflect the printed wooden bookmark that you have envision.

Whether as a gift to someone or yourself, it is without a doubt a precious bookmark to cherish for all time. Look below to appreciate and enjoy:

2020 Thoughtful Gift Idea: Handmade Wood Bookmarks

Wood Bookmark For Women

Encouraging words can mean a lot especially during this challenging time. Let a wooden bookmark carry the message you have for someone you care about or yourself!

Personalized Wood Bookmark

Personalized Wood Bookmark

The wooden bookmark can also be printed to carry scriptures that mean something to you or a loved one.

Wood Bookmark For Book Lover

Wood Bookmark For Book Lover

Know someone who is a book worm? She or he is the perfect giftee candidate for this special wooden bookmark!

Handmade Wood Bookmark For Parent's Day

Wood Bookmark For Book Lover

Want to express your love and gratitude to the guardians of your heart? Do it the thoughtful way with this wooden masterpiece!

Wood Bookmark For Essential Workers

Wood Bookmark For Essential Workers

Show your appreciation for those that keep us safe and healthy during the pandemic. Whether it's the delivery worker, physician or nurse, they deserve to be acknowledged and more!

Unique Wood Bookmark

Wood Bookmark For Retirees

Anyone who is entering the next chapter of their lives would appreciate this wooden beauty. Surprise them!

Who would be suited to receive the wooden bookmark as a gift?

a) Someone who loves reading physical book forms and has a love for wooden things.

b) Someone who likes thoughtfully-crafted messages on wooden surfaces.

c) Anyone who is a self-professed bookmark junkie.

So folks, what do you think of these wooden bookmarks with printed messages? Do you like them as I do?Share your thoughts below! I love hearing from you!


Where to get your hands on these wooden gems?

Simply give OlivePressCo a visit!



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