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Decorate Your Neck With Gold Coin Style Necklaces

Credit: GoldLunar

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Accessory game: For necklines to remember, opt for the vintage route in the style of a gold coin pendant.

Necklaces are some of the easiest way to dress up your neck area and if you hold a strong affinity for collecting necklaces, then perhaps a neck adornment that features the classic engraved gold coin would be something to consider, if you haven’t already. It’s especially suited for feminine-ready looks as this necklace style in particular is designed to go with literally all sorts of outfits. It, of course, can be layered to your heart’s desire. The gold coin pendant that’s most loved are the ones with celestial type of designs. So, expect to see tons of stars, suns, and moons.

For necklaces that have an evergreen feel about them and a nod to eras past, please have a scroll and enjoy!

Gold Coin Necklaces in Various Styles For Vintage Feels All Day Everyday

Vintage Style Gold Coin Necklace / FlashyStudioNYC
Toggle Gold Coin Necklace / Vedern
Crescent Moon Star Coin Necklace / Edgylux
Engraved Gold Coin Necklace / GoldLunar
Greek Gold Coin Layering Necklace / VintageRoseGallery
Celestial Gold Coin Necklace / TheCordGallery
Celestial Style Gold Coin Necklace / LaLaCrystal

Aren’t these necklaces just a splendid sight to behold? Which one would you love to wear? Share below!

I’m partial to gold of late and that is why you’re seeing a bunch of them in the list! They do come in other metals so be sure to check them all out!



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