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Fashionista NOW: TEN Freshest Peplum Top Styles For Christmas 2015

TEN Freshest Peplum Top Styles For Christmas 2015

Ladies! Are you a peplum-obsessed hardcore fanatic? Well then, you’re so going to love this!

Do you know that peplums are still hot in 2015? Apparently, one of the top search keywords on the blog is “peplum in 2015” which I’ve just recently noticed. And now that I know what you ladies are eyeballing for, I’m about to reveal to you ten freshest peplum style top ideas that will help to sweeten up your year-end bash even more.

Honestly though, I didn’t think that people would still be interested in the peplum trend being that the Google gods told us earlier in the year that peplum’s gone a little old and boring.

But here in Malaysia, though? Hell no! We all love our peplums too much to part with them so soon! For you lovers of the flared waist trend, guess what? ZALORA has just stocked up on the latest variations of the peplum and I have rounded up TEN of the best ones for you gals to quickly grab before they fly off the virtual shelves.

So, let’s begin with the holiday-party-worthy peplum top styles, shall we?

Back Drama Peplum


ZALORA | back cutout peplum top

I’d show you the back in the picture but for some reason, I want to be really cheeky instead. Look at the elegant black sleeveless top closely and you’ll see that it looks like your garden-variety peplum, right? Wait until you give the back an eyeball. The horizontal peek-a-boo ensures that your back get a bit of a preview.

For those not keen on having the back flaunted, think layers! I bet this could be layered onto a soft white long sleeve blouse!


Off-Shoulder Peplum


Something Borrowed | classic off-shoulder peplum top with belt

Why not have two cool trends wedded together in one holy peplum matrimony? The off-shoulder combined with the charming flared waist isn’t all that is rad about this top. It also has a sweetheart neckline along with a metallic belt to emphasize the waist even more. Red is a hot color for Christmas, so paw this one quick before it’s gone!


Embellished, Layered And Curved Peplum


Zalia | embellished curved double layer peplum top

Want a peplum top that has understated elegance written all over it? Then, this long sleeved piece has that and more, including these features: embellished neckline and layered peplum waist that’s wonderfully curvy.


Structured Peplum


ZALORA | structured maroon peplum top

Another shade of red peplum number that has quite the lift, making it a perfect choice for those who like their peplums strong and awesome. I like the neckline style on this one as it’s refreshingly different than the usually round neck styles we’ve seen. The RED color is of the maroony kind, so eyeball it closely before you decide because we all know colors can translate so differently on screens!


High Low Pleather Peplum


Material Girl | hi-lo pleather peplum top

There’s something beautiful about a hi-lo peplum top that doesn’t easily translate in its hi-lo dress counterpart. The fact that the asymmetrical drama centers at the waist is majorly flattering because the flare makes the booty region pop especially if you like to have a bit of a poof there. I know you do, girly!


Meshy Peplum


Girlondon | mesh peplum top

Not only is this top blessed to be rendered in a warm shade of red, it also has mesh detailing that flatters the neckline and back. What did I say about red being the color for holiday bashes? Yup, you got it. Pick this one up now because it’s on a crazy discount!


Pleated Peplum + Colorblock Effect


Zalia | pleated asymmetrical hem peplum top

You’d think they would just stop with the glorious peplum of the usual sort and call it a day.

Nope, designers have a thing called imagination and it seems that the end of 2015 could spell a new beginning for a more experimental breed of rebel peplums. This top in particular is so much fabulous and glam in one chic package. The pleats play peek-a-boo in cobalt, the skinny belt accentuates the flare even more and the long sleeves make sure you don’t wrinkle up into a prune when the monsoon chill hits.


Pink High Neck Peplum


ZALORA | statement pink peplum top

For pinkoholics, do not just stare at this piece of marvelous beauty – grab it! The peplum in pink is another easy party-go-to for you barbies. The high neck on this one is amazing! And yes, you could definitely layer this one if you prefer to have some arm armor.


Plaid Peplum


ZALORA | statement plaid peplum top

Plaid might seem like a pretty casual print you’d never think would be pretty enough for a party but this one proves that a strategically-incorporated peplum is transformative.


Handkerchief Peplum


Zalia | v-neck handkerchief peplum top

Someone once said that handkerchief dresses can be tough to wear because of how the pointy bits just hang about and graze at the knee or calf region awkwardly, directing attention downward to the legs and not everyone is friends with their legs. A handkerchief peplum top however, poses no such dilemma as it concentrates the volume where most ladies welcome with quite the enthusiasm. The skinny belt helps to cinch the waist just nicely, letting the peplum do what it does best.


So ladies, what conclusion have you come to derived from going through these party-worthy peplum tops? Which one of the peplum iterations you like best? Share below – I want to know!

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Learn from it… tomorrow is a new day.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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