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Fashionista NOW: 3 Holiday Trends To Try ~ Faux Freckles, Sunset Hair, Rainbow Eyebrows

Faux freckles, holiday rainbow eyebrows and sunset hair; the end of 2015 is choke-full of fashion shenanigans than ever.

With more men warming up to the “mane up” hairstyle trend which is the controversial man bun and the ladies embracing a wide range of hair length, style and color with the latest being the sunset hair color trend — the fashion fraternity is set to end the year (and kickstart 2016) with quite an explosive bang.

Right at this very moment, you could find approximately 5000 photos hashtagged #sunsethair on Instagram and upon closer inspection, you’d notice that although the hair trend takes on the gradient colors of the setting sun, it could also be perceived as a subtler take on the more out-there rainbow hair color, making it a wearable option for those who are already into the ombre hair fad.

Since the rainbow effect can now be worn on eyebrows via intensely pigmented eyeshadows, which is perfect for the holidays for those who can’t bear seeing their brows miss out on all the fun, there’s no stopping you from trying out both trends at the same time, is it?

Check out these 3 trends and tell us would you be bold enough to try any of them out during the holiday season?

Holiday Faux Freckles


A photo posted by Mel Brown (@melaniebrownmua) on



A photo posted by Sylvina Lopez (@slomakeup) on


A photo posted by Sylvina Lopez (@slomakeup) on

Holiday Sunset Hair


A photo posted by Maë (@may_lestrange) on


A photo posted by @sh34rbrilliance_alaina on


A photo posted by John Myers (@johndoeshair) on


A photo posted by Shelby Shells (@shelbyshells) on


Holiday Rainbow Eye Brows



A photo posted by L•O•M (@l.o.m_fashion) on

Do you like any of the holiday trends shown above? Share your thoughts down below, will you? I love reading them and will reply!

“Life’s neither a good nor an evil: it’s a field for good and evil.”Seneca the Younger

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