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Fashionista NOW: Free One Shoulder In This Statement Blouse Trend

Why expose both shoulders when you can give all attention on one shoulder in blouses missing one sleeve or worn asymmetrically?

Statement shoulder remains high on the list of top fashion trends this year and if you’ve been wearing tops that showcase your clavicles and both shoulders, you know the look has been repeated about a gazillion times that you are now challenged with a need to spruce it up somehow.

Why not bare only one shoulder instead this time around? You still get to show off your cute shoulder to the sun so it may be kissed. It’s only the case of choosing a shirt or blouse that can help you flaunt your favorite anatomy this season.

I’ve been meaning to wear the off-the-shoulder blouse trend for a while but never got into it so I’m welcoming the one shoulder peek-a-boo instead. Anyone and their sassy grandmas can wear this trend, by the way. From streamlined tops with one solo long sleeve for extreme contrast to the summer’s flowy favorite ruffly one-shoulder variety, you may just love this asymmetrical blouse look.

It is feminine, flirty and can quite possibly take off years from your age. Or also add them, depending on your objective. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look older than you are. And then, there’s that subtle old-world charm about having a solo shoulder exposed. I don’t know why, but I dig that very much.

Wear it casual or semi-chic, it’s time to shelter one shoulder as you shine the spotlight on its partner with flair. Inspiration to follow below. ENJOY!

Would you wear this off-shoulder top trend? Which look is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“I’m not much but I’m all I have.”Philip K. Dick

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