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Fashionista Now: Wearing Shades Of Purple – The Color Trend

Purple is an energetic and elegant color in fashion.

Vibrant and brighter shade of purple exudes the mood of spring and cheerful sessions of sipping lattes on garden benches or insert your favorite coffee shop. Purple with a darker shade has the effect of being coy and mysterious and even gothic, if you wear it right.

Remember how purple glamorously stole the fashion scene last year when it became highlighted as the cool color for color-blocking with orange? Star celebrities and your regular street fashionistas had been wearing the two clashing color combo to death that it would be appropriate to steer clear from rocking the two colors too soon this year.

But purple on its own is just limitless fun as it is a color that has too many derivatives shades with specific interesting names that attempts to list them down is sheer waste of time. It is wiser to spend time trying out whatever purple clothing and accessories available in your local boutiques and find the right shade(s) that flatters your skin and overall personality, no?

In fashion, the brighter shades of purple are perfect for those who love to squeal in the limelight. The darker shades are best reserved for color-shy mysterious folks. Since it is the color for fall/winter (2012-13) fashion, you’ll be seeing purple more that you may feel like rebelling by choosing some other colors instead. But no one completely strips their closet off purple, that’s just insane.

Mini-rant aside Vogue fashion editor, Francesca Burns said that the color, which was historically only for the elite few would now be available for everyone.

I should add that purple has been there on the racks of clothing stores for anyone who cares to rock the color ever since the dawn of commercialized mass fashion production. And so are other colors!

If you’re in Malaysia, don’t let the chilly and violent monsoon stop you from stepping out in purple.

Below are a roundup of lookbookers in their best purple outfits to inspire you.

Ladies, what do you think of the purple color trend? Which of these purple looks are your favorite? Share your obsession with the color below.

“I think it pisses god off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”
Alice Walker, The Color Purple

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