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Fashionista NOW: A Pop Of Purple In Fashion – Embracing The Color Trend

Introducing bright colors into your closet can be an intimidating move especially when you are so used to wearing dark and subdued tones. But if you have suddenly grown tired of the monochromatic mood of your clothes and are looking for the perfect starter color to bring you out of the gloom, I highly suggest the color purple!

After glancing through numerous fashion photos on lookbook and hyping a few stunning get-ups by lovely fashionistas a while back in an effort to get a feel of distinct styles of the 2012 fashion zeitgeist, my eyes were magnetically drawn by the cool youthful color of purple. The versatility of this color can’t be hyped enough.

Mood wise, the color purple is pretty similar with tangerine tango which has taken the crown for this year’s trademark color by Pantone Color Institute. Both colors pop out as they easily attract our attention. Being a cool color as compared to the warm tangerine, I personally feel that it makes for a perfect contrast color to the warm and sunny ambiance of the Malaysian weather.

Here are some fashionable ways that you can incorporate the color into your outfits:

Purple and orange make such a great combination that is so effortless, don’t you think?

The knitted cardigan has purple as its primary color and the green handbag complements the dark green color that’s present on it too.

Wearing a stripy blue and purple sweater with denim jeans is so casual chic and those heels are insane! I love how the purple color create a cool color accent to her otherwise very laidback blue denim look.

And how can I not share this lovely look by Lua P. Her gorgeous ombre hair of orange/red-blond looks stunning as always and with the purple maxi with prints and black vintage corset and a necklace with purple feather, she looks as carefree as a bird!

For those who are not ready to wear purple pieces right on, start by including purple accessories such as a handbag, shoes or belt in that color to and see for yourself how a pinch of purple can really do wonders to the whole look.

Notice how the presence of a purple chunky knitted beret can give such an uplifting mood to the the black and white get-up?

The flowy sheer polka dot blouse in sweet bright purple makes Chloe T. look so girly and flirty. If you’re going out on a date and the sky’s bright, the purple in your outfit will emanate a cooling sight for the eyes and make you stand out oh so effortlessly.

And here’s how you wear purple in small bits by wearing accessories that carry the color. As you can probably tell, the color orange just blends in pretty darn well with every shade of purple! And if you’re up for a burst of red, wear them heels like Cheyser Pedregosa!

Say, you want to look all glammed up for a night out and you’re looking for a dramatic purple eye makeup idea, watch the pretty and talented Asahi Sasaki do a stunning elegant purple and yellow eye makeup in her YouTube tutorial video below:

So what do you say to the exciting fashion color trend? Yay or nay? Will you give purple a chance? I sure you hope will, ladies. And have fun while you’re at it!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” -Coco Chanel

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