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Fashionista NOW: Turn Heads With Turbands

Turbands are turban-inspired headbands that are making an appearance on heads of fashionistas worldwide ever since they were considered a glamorous and hip hair accessory to sport on rainy or humid days to cloak up frizzy and limp crowns alike.

In Malaysia, turbans have been a part of the religious headgear for Sikh men (and some women). Only in the recent years have we seen the turban inspired hair accessory being celebrated as it enters into the more liberal circles of fashion where it’s worn by ladies for various practical and fashion-related reasons.

Got a hairspray-resistant frizz that won’t go away? Is the humid tropical weather triggering daily episodes of bad limp hair? Well, turbands are here to the rescue.

Instead of donning headbands with embellishments like spikes or cat ears, headbands that play off the exotic turban signature style are adding an edge and variety into the headgear fashion section.

Ladies with carefree bohemian inner spirits may choose to don these turbands for style statements but we all know that bad hair days happen to everyone regardless if they’re fashion inclined or not.

Turbands, I believe have become something worth having and that every warm blooded female will find them most useful and endearing if worn right (unless, you’ve developed a specific dislike for the style).

Don’t have the budget to spend extra? Create your DIY turbands using existing scarves with the help of Man Repeller.

Check out below for how lookbookers are wearing their turbands in style (I promise they won’t make you look like a complete man/(insert any gender) repeller.

DIY red turband

sparkly turband by FlatterBuy

turband by Our Prince of Peace

vintage scarf as turband

turband by Urban Outfitters

DIY turband

What are your thoughts about this funky turband trend? Would you call the turband urban chic or leave it to rest in your grandma’s wardrobe? Share your curious thoughts below!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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