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Fashionista NOW: Spike Headband Fashion Inspiration

Don’t know what to do with the crown of your head? Looking for some cool hair accessory to get you by on those annoying bad-hair days? Check out spike headbands.

These spike-y headbands are pretty much a trend. Loved by queens of darkness (punk-rock-goth fashionistas) and girly girls alike, the hair accessory trend has managed to secure a comfy place in the fashion world.

If you’ve got plain headbands lying around somewhere in your house, don’t chuck them away! There’s a bunch of DIY tutorials on how to make your own spiked headbands at home, like this one here.

Etsy has a wide variety of selections when it comes to homemade spike headbands as well. So it’s worth giving the gem of a site a visit before making that impulsive buy. Click on the link here to transport yourself into the spiked headbands’ galore.

Check out below for how lookbookers are wearing spikes on their heads:

spike headband by It’s A Girl Thing

spike necklace used as headband by Oasap

headband with spikes by Romwe

DIY spike headband

spike headband by Yhansy

spike headband by Urban Outfitters

What do you think of the spike headband trend? Would you wear it? Share below.

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