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Fashionista NOW: Tie Dye Fashion Trend Returns With A Tease

Tie dye often triggers a love or loathe reaction among fashion followers. But not this year; when it’s been given a contemporary twist by current fashion designers.

With subtle and less psychedelic tie dye effects, the trend seems to be getting a hopeful start as top stars and street style divas are seen spotting the trend as a fresh and current fashion statement.

The sudden intense fascination may have been initiated by the dip dyed hair trend that creates the surprisingly adored ombred look which slowly begins to infiltrate clothing lines and accessories. Before you cringe at the thought of the over the top hippie trend of yesteryears, it’s wise to note that today’s tie dye trend is actually wearable and less dramatic.

Traditionally, the tie dye look is heavy-loaded with strong graphic swirls and a dizzying mixture of colors that can prove to be unsightly for those more conservative in fashion. To date, however, the trend is made to present subtle designs and teasing sweet shades which is soothing to the eyes. Being color-friendly in nature, the trend remains fashionably relevant to the spring and summer seasons.

Among the free spirited and fashionable, sporting the trend is about all rocking fun shorts, dresses, blouses and even accessories that carry the whimsical dip dyed or blotchy color splatter appearance for the fun of it. Without a doubt, wearing a single tie dyed piece will turn the most serious of us into a temporary jovial type.

Although voted as the worst fashion disaster to have ever happened in fifty years (through a survey) last year, the tie dye fashion trend is truly having a comeback moment that will last for quite a while.

Scroll down to absorb the modern tie dye looks pulled together by fashionistas from all across the world:

What comes to mind when you think about tie dyes? For me, it brings me back to a time as a serious highschooler who wouldn’t give two hoots about fashion. There were probably quite a few of tie dyed shirts and pants that I’d sported with no thought at all but which might have caused a case of sore eyes among the fashion aware.

Are you ready to embrace tie dye trend once again? Or is it too soon? Comment below.

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