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Fashionista NOW: The Pleated Dress Trend And Why You Should Rock It

Pleated dresses are oh so uber feminine and timeless. Read on for some practical fashion tips and why you should sport the pleated trend this year.

Pleats Are So Feminine

I have to say that it’s only fairly recently that the pleats have caught my eye. Although it is a style that has been made popular so long time ago that you may think that it’s out of fashion, but guess what, the pleats have an appeal factor that transcends time and trends. The presence of pleats in the skirt of a dress is not only practical for our mobility but it is gloriously feminine.

Pleats Exude Timeless Elegance

Contemporary fashion scene has seen the birth of many stylish pleated dresses that are made in a wide variety of designs that we are spoiled for choice. Ask your mom or grandma and they will surely let you know that they too have adorned pleated dresses in their time.

Wearing dresses with pleats today allows the wearer to celebrate the vintage aspect of the look. The timeless elegance of the pleats speak softly through our modern fashion interpretations, which I absolutely love to death.

Pleated Dress Can Be Casually Worn

Dresses with pleats can be a part of your casual daily wear and they are as practical as they can be. As mentioned before, clothing that carry pleats are for maximum freedom of movement and that can be a plus when compared to dresses without this feature.

Dress It Up/Dress It Down To Your Heart’s Sheer Delight

There’s so much you can do with a pleated dress. A black bardot dress worn by Kani can be dressed up to boost the formality of it by pairing it with some nude heels. If you want it to exude a fun casual vibe, incorporate a cute colored cardigan (in any color that you like) and throw in some wedges to dress down the look.

Pleats Make You Feel Precious

Mayo Wo looks stunning in her soft purple pleated dress and there is something about slipping on a pleated dress that gives the wearer a boost in her moods. If you have tried/worn on a pleated skirt or dress before, you will definitely pick up on the feeling too.

Pleats Are Flirty And Girly

Dresses with pleats are perfect for attending a romantic dinner date or a wedding reception. I believe you can never go wrong with pleats in this way. Plus, twirling in a pleated dress is such a fun and most girly thing to do too!

And if you want something bold, try a pleated dress with an wide open back.

Pleats Come In Various Types

If you don’t like knife pleats that have a very pressed appearance, there are unpressed pleats with more rounded fold edges that will appeal to your fashion taste. Other types include accordion pleats, box pleats, cartridge pleats, fluted pleats, Fortuny pleats, honeycomb pleats, organ pleats, plissé pleats, rolled pleats and Watteau pleats.

Out of the Box – Horizontal pleats

Keen on trying something other than the usual vertical pleats? Try dresses that feature horizontal pleats such as above.

So what do you think of the pleated dress trend? Will you try it out or is it too feminine for your taste? Drop your thoughts below.

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