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Fashionista NOW: The Pinafore Dress Trend

Credit | Charlene O.

Who’d have thought that pinafores would be back in fashion.

I remember the last time I’ve ever worn a pinafore was way back during my primary school years.

Was it hip at that time in the early 90s? I wouldn’t really know but to me, the pinafore symbolizes a no-fuss comfy old school uniform that took seconds to slip on and the fact that it’d kept me well-ventilated was a bonus.

Pinafores will forever be emblematic of my young carefree years sneaking out to buy ice-cream at a small sundry shop outside the school compound and bus rides with me staring at the back of a high school girl’s head just because her hair had looked so soft and freshly-shampooed.

My creepy inclinations aside…this year, the pinafore dress is considered to be a garment worth investing come spring and summer.

Not only that they’ve been given a fresh breath of style and design interpretations to make them more modern and chic, the pinafore dresses have also been imprinted with a variety of trending prints and patterns like floral, animal, paisley, camouflage and baroque to name a few.

For sweet lassies with girly sensibilities, expect to be swooned by pinafore dresses that carry soft shades of pastels!

Not sure if you’re buying into the pinafore look? Well, scroll down below to be immediately convinced:

pinafore by Ezzentric Tops

denim pinafore

checkered pinafore dress by Seventeen Origins

floral pinafore dress by Q2chan

martina pinafore by Dahlia Fashion

pinafore dress by House of Cards

denim pinafore by Dahlia

navy paisley pinafore dress by Armani Exchange

Will you be bringing the pinafore look back this season? Or are pinafores best left in the past and remembered fondly only in memories? Share your thoughts below.

Check out the pinafore’s more masculine cousin, the dungarees or overalls here:

Fashionista NOW: Trendy Denim Overalls & Dungarees

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