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Fashionista NOW: Trendy Denim Overalls & Dungarees ~ How To Wear Them Right?

Denim dungarees or overalls are having a moment in the fashion spotlight.

While some don’t mind the revival of the once practical attire worn by mechanics and handymen alike, others aren’t so keen for many reasons ranging that the garment is best worn only by toddlers and men(or women) who fix actual things to the honest fact that it has caused some unfortunate frumpiness to occur on some people.

Whatever your reasons may be for not welcoming trendy modern overalls back into your closet, you’d notice that the first few experiences you may have had with them had sealed the negative perception of them. The old school overalls of the 1990s worn by celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue may have looked amazing on them but on us average mortals, it can be quite a starkly different another story.

So how does one wear dungarees/overalls these days in order not to transform into a complete and utter fashion disaster?

Key points that will help you modernize and chic-ify your overall-oriented looks:

1)Pair it up with statement shoes like smart heels or practical comfy oxfords.
2)The one-strap-undone look is best left to young teen rebels.
3)Throw on a tailored blazer/outerwear to balance out the casual element of the dungarees and you’re ready for that night out.
4)Pick dungarees that work with your size. Check by lifting your arms up (like a normal person) and if you feel like your crotch area is about to explode, put it back on the shelf. Try again!

For a visual look on how to sport denim overalls stylishly, check out below:

slouchy baggy overall

dungarees by New Look

dungarees by ZARA

jeans overall by H&M

overall by Vigoss, Buffalo Exchange

acid high waisted overall shorts

dungarees from Camden Market

dungarees by Shop Wasteland

So ladies, any thoughts on the return of the overalls/dungarees? Do you think they’d make a great addition into your modern wardrobe? Or are they best left in closets of oily and sweaty mechanics of the yesteryears? Share below!

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