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Fashionista NOW: The Figure-Friendly Dress ~ Shift Dresses

A dress is never simply a dress to those who religiously wear them. Every gal has her own body type that if and when one dress fits her like a glove, it does not mean her friend of another body type can sport the look seamlessly.

This does not mean that one body type is all we should all strive to be. That’s utter bunkum. We don’t all look the same and that’s a gift. The same is with body shapes. Fashion has a way of touching a sensitive raw nerve among women, made worse when all we see stamped on glossy magazine covers are airbrushed model-esque figures. But reality strikes and everyday women do come in all shapes.

With shift dresses, they ultimately manage to appeal to women of all figure types. So, what is a shift dress?

The shift dress, according to Mom Generations, basically has a cut that hangs loose starting from the shoulder down, with very little to no definition around the waistline and it is thus quite a versatile piece that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Other signature features of the shift dress include:

– The classic shift dress has a high collar or a boat neck, sleeveless and a knee-length hemline.
– Although shift dresses make their way into fashion seasonally, they are most iconic during the 1960s when they were glamorized as the ‘Mod’ look.

Overtime, the shift dress evolved to carry sleeves with various lengths and designs. The current hemlines hit the upper thighs or at most reaching the knees. That said, it is a dress made mostly for the vibrancy of youth but can be worn equally by ladies with responsibilities.

The fabric of the shift dress matters when it comes to catering to all types of bodies. If they’re made of non-elastic fabric, the shift dress may not be roomy enough to cater to women with generous curves. However, this translates into that you should only purchase a shift dress after trying them out, at least! Online shopping is a recipe for disaster clothing-wise, unless you’re repurchasing.

Not sure what a shift dress really looks like? Scroll on below and gain extra style points from the lookbookers who are sporting the plain sophistication look of a gentle body-skimming dress:

pixie market charm shift dress by House of Balfour

printed shift dress by J.Crew

floral print dress by Dressabelle

shift dress by Missoni

orange shift dress by Jet Rag Vintage

shift dress by SheInside

navy collar shift dress by Dahlia Fashion

Do you share the thought that the shift dress is a go-to dress for all body shapes? Share some comments below and we thank you for spending a moment with us here.

Did you know that in the 1920s the wearing of a shift dress was a social-norm defying move against the common dress which was naturally cinched at the waist?

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