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Fashionista NOW: Star Print Fashion Inspiration

If you’re looking for an alternative to galaxy prints and want something closer to earth, check out star prints in fashion.

Star prints broke into the fashion playground back in 2011 where they adorned dresses designed by Dolce & Gabbana for Fall’s Ready-to-Wear collection. It’s no surprise that star prints were then quickly spotted on celebrities like Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson and Fergie to name a few.

When boredom strikes in the wardrobe department and you’re looking for a new print style to bring that needed ‘oomph’ back into your fashion-obsessed life, count on star prints to dazzle you with their glitzy charm.

By now, our collective minds have become embedded with the mysterious magic that the sparkly stars seem to have been associated with that it is only a natural inclination that these pointy polygon shape things then become mingled in fashion. Stars are pretty and we love pretty things. Thus, the logical solution would be that we have to wear them.

Anyway, the easiest to wear star patterns on your literal sleeve is to get them in a neutral color combination such as black and white, or cream and navy. Bulky colorful star patterns may appear on the gaudy side so it’s highly recommended that you stick to medium-to-small print size for a wearable and easy-on-the-eyes look IF you’re aiming for a safe and sensible fashion interpretation.

For a look at how fashion-focused lookbookers are wearing their stars out, get starstruck below:

sweater by Chicwish

star print blazer by Zara

thrifted star printed knitted dress

star shorts

star shirt by Romwe

t-shirt by Romwe

Would you wear star prints and channel your inner star this late April? Or do you think they’re best left in 2011? Leave your honest and zesty opinions below. Thank you for swinging by, fashionistas!

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