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Fashionista NOW: The Elegant Asymmetric Earrings To Complete Regular Or Festive Outfit

The Elegant Asymmetric Earrings To Complete Regular Or Festive Outfit

Credit | UneDemiLune

The statement earrings that celebrate your love for geometric shapes in eye-catching asymmetry.

When I spotted these earrings, I can imagine a variety of people no matter their style inclination or age to be able to wear them seamlessly. The earrings are crafted in an appealingly mismatched sort of way that can be a great addition to your festive wear as well as an everyday one. It’s especially perfect if you are into geometric shapes in your jewelry game. Instead of one shape dominating the earrings, the nature of the long asymmetric earrings allows for more geometric shapes to be included in a pair.

What’s even more awesome is these earrings are available in three options in terms of the method you’d prefer for it to hang on your lobes. For those without pierced earlobes, there’s the clip-on variety and for those with pierced ears, you can pick in between hooks or studs. Have sensitive ears? Well, you can relax because the earrings are handcrafted free of nickel or lead!

These asymmetrical earrings are a versatile pick for both festive and casual ears. To reference the jewelry creator, Frédérique, the earrings will be enhance whatever outfit you are wearing without overpowering them. Enjoy looking!


Asymmetric Circle Statement Earrings


| shop here


Asymmetric Hexagon Statement Earrings


| shop here


Minimalist Asymmetric Rose Gold Earrings


| shop here


Mismatched Half Moon Statement Earrings


| shop here


Which asymmetric earrings would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love the mismatched earring styles? There are more to check out from UneDemiLune. Give them a peek and a follow!

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