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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Let Your Ears Radiate Colors With These Vivid Monstera Leaf Earrings

Fashionista NOW: Let Your Ears Radiate Colors With These Vivid Monstera Leaf Earrings

Fashionista NOW: Let Your Ears Radiate Colors With These Vivid Monstera Leaf Earrings

Credit | GeoFunDesign

It’s sunny out so why not wear some vivid earrings in the form of a well-loved monstera foliage?

Fans of the botanical ear bling will be excited for these monstera leaf earrings are made in an explosion of bright pastel colors making them utterly perfect for a pair of sunny ear lobes. While the minimalist gold or silver monstera leaf earrings are superb for perfecting a neutral, minimalist look, these colorful botanical earrings are a sure way to frame your summer face in a way that will start conversations. Also a marvelous ear adornment for the colorblockers and quirky dressers, these are the earrings to don for those somehow quite into the look of the gigantic tropical leaf.

The ones I am showing you below are crafted by GeoFunDesign and the designs are nothing but FUN. What’s even amazing is that you can discuss further with the designer for a customized color or sets of colors that you want for each design. Without further ado, I’ll let you eyeball each summer-worthy monstera leaf earrings and feel the itch on those ear lobes. Enjoy!


Bold Pink Colorful Monstera Leaf Earringsbold-pink-colorful-monstera-leaf-earrings

? | shop here


Tropical Monstera Jacket Earrings


? | shop here


Statement Monstera Leaf Botanical Earrings


? | shop here


Yellow Colorful Monstera Leaf Earrings


? | shop here


Which colorful monstera leaf earrings would you want to decorate your ears with? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love the colorful monstera leaf earring style? There’s more – Be sure to give GeoFunDesign a look and a follow!

“I enjoy many types of music, but to my ears, there’s none more soothing or calming than the music a tree makes as wind passes through its leaves.”Laurie Buchanan

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