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Fashionista NOW: The Deconstructed Fashion Trend

Deconstructed fashion paints a picture of shirts, jeans or dresses that are usually ragged, cut up, seamlessly messy, vandalized and funky-looking. It is the epitome of fashion rebellion, one that you either love or hate.

Instead of the usual standard of flawless seams and hemlines, what we get is something so contradicting to the notion of perfect tailoring.

The disconnectedness and ‘deconstructionism’ of this fashion trend has been influenced by the philosopher Jacque Derrida. His idea is to challenge and destabilize the common idea of universal truth. Gradually, the thinking branches out of the realm of philosophy and deconstruction was applied in other areas, like music, fashion and architecture.

In fashion thus it is about challenging the society’s perception of beauty which always focuses on the flawlessly tailored instead of the tattered and vandalized fashion results of deconstructionism.

It is not surprising that the trend appeals to to the understandably rebellious young generation of fashionistas that dabble in experimental fashion of today.

Michelle Phan, a popular fashion and beauty guru on YouTube, with the help of her fashion expert friend, Chriselle deconstructed a skirt in one of her highly-watched videos, into a care-free fringe-y one that is perfect for spring through a do-it-yourself method that anyone can perform at home.

Check out her video below before you give up on that old skirt of yours.

Apart from that, you can find a step by step guidelines on how to deconstruct an old baggy T-shirt with the use of scissors, sewing needle and thread and a pencil for marking from a recent article written by Victor Khoo titled “All About Deconstructive Fashion”.

I’ve also found a couple of fashion photos of lovely fashionistas rocking deconstructed tees, sweaters, shorts and more.

In the picture above, she’s wearing a deconstructed sweater. Ragged is the new cool.

Bought a denim jacket/cardigan from the flea market but not psyched about its sleeves. Well, cut it off and turn it into a fun vest that you can layer over say a favorite shirt or blazer?

If you have a pair of boring baggy jeans or Bermuda jeans, you can deconstruct them just as easily with a pair of scissors, making them look much edgier and spunky.

In the picture above, you can see that she has deconstructed her baggy sweater by creating holes and stretching the threads into impulsive patterns that do not abide by any fashion law. I think it looks darn neat.

If you have tons of ancient old shirts and jeans gathering dust in the closet, I’d say haul them out and get crazy creative deconstructing them. Who knows maybe you’d start wearing them with more enthusiasm than before and get unexpected positive comments?

From my perspective, deconstructing your old clothes can be such a liberating process. You can layer a cut-up shirt with tube tops and give the recycling bin a much needed break.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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