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Fashionista NOW: Romper Mania Fashion Trend & Tips

Of the many trends that have hit the fashion scene, the romper trend has been leaving a really lasting impression in my mind off late. Rompers are a great fashion inspiration for the summer/spring season and anywhere where the sun loves to shine.

If you’re clueless as to what a romper is, don’t worry, you’ll know it by the end of this piece. A romper is inspired by the romper suit which is a one-piece garment that is worn by children and sometimes women. It is a bit similar to a coverall, but since 2006, rompers have actually endured a fashion revolution with designers representing them as fashionable wear for modern women.

Rompers may be loose or tight fitting, and have a combination of shorts and a shirt. It is a trend that is a hit with the young generation of fashionable ladies. Its versatility is one that stands out, as the romper can easily be worn for day or night, from casual to elegant upscale.

The modern rompers are made from various fabrics, fits and styles that you will definitely have a vast collection to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some practical tips to make sure that you look smokin’ hot in that romper.

It is a trend that may look good on a person, but not on another and girl, you’ve gotta take a close look at your physique. Now I’m not saying that you must be ridiculously thin and tall as a Victoria’s Secret model, because that’s meh, a lie.

You’ve gotta ask yourself if you’re confident with some leg flaunting. If you love it, then go for it. The point while wearing a romper is to leave your legs bare. Don’t cover them with fancy opaque stockings that will take away the attention from your romper.

In the picture above, the gal has on a lovely cat-print romper but I’m not digging the headband on her head. In my mind, when you put on a romper, you’re going for the care-free look that makes it especially perfect if your hair is left naturally(or artificially) wavy and not tied up.

She also wears a pair of lacy socks which are nice-looking by the way, but you can tell that the sight of the socks drags your vision away from the grand piece of romper. Which should be receiving the focus.

Another tip when wearing a romper is to pair it up with simple nude/skin color legwear or anything that is (again) will not take away the focus from your romper. It is a one piece look that doesn’t need all that much of drama, as far as my taste for the trend goes.

No chunky shoes, and in this case, the dark bra that peeks through from under her peachy pink romper is kind of distracting. The key is to limit peripheral distractions, and make sure accessories are minimum, and not rivaling for attention.

You can of course wear sandals or slippers for a casual day out in the park or at the beach with a loose-fitting patterned romper. The boater hat reminds me that I should perhaps go away for a vacation.

Now, some rompers come with belts, but if they don’t, and you want to have your lady waist accentuated, wear any type of belts (but not chunky ones) that will add some interest and shape to your romper.

So you’re wondering if wearing a romper will make you appear like an infant, and I’m here to state that I personally do not see that from looking at these photos. An infant cannot look as ‘adult’ as these ladies, am I right?

Them babies have cute fatty face, with adorable baby fat sticking out while grown and healthy ladies do not and if they have, we call ‘em the what’s-not-to-love love handles! So, nope, I so do not agree with the notion that rompers can make you look like a child. Unless, that’s your aim for a costume party or a playful private role playing session with your..oh well we get the picture.

I’m loving with this baby soft blue polka-dot romper that this tousled hair angel is wearing. Not so much of them black booties but still my eyes are glued on the pretty romper. So it’s alright. I love the detailing of the hemline and the lovely fit of the romper. Which brings us to one vital point: Never get a romper that doesn’t flow effortlessly on you.

And here’s A rainbow colored stripey romper for those with a cheerful disposition and a quirky side.

Remember: Do not load up on too much of accessories.

The tribal print romper here is paired with an off-shoulder knitted sweater. If your romper comes in with patterns and prints, choose a solid color cardigan or sweater. And vice versa.

The bag is tad too gigantic for me to like this but I’m digging the soft pink heels and the romper looks perfect for a day out in the sun. But overall, the style is pretty much chic and effortless. Legs are looking mighty fine too.

And that, my ladies, is the wonderful effect of wearing a romper. The legs are somehow longer than they really are. And that is why you can wear them even if you are not as tall as the coconut tree.

Do you love the romper trend? And if you do, please share your own personal fashion tips with us. We’d be delighted to know and learn.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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