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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Slow Fashion African Print Dresses For A Socially-Conscious Christmas 2018 OOTD

Fashionista NOW: Slow Fashion African Print Dresses For A Socially-Conscious Christmas 2018 OOTD

Slow Fashion African Print Dresses For A Socially-Conscious Christmas 2018 OOTD

Credit | Bamanee

Because mindful dressing benefits Mother Earth and it is not just a passing fad.

Between Dakar and Paris, the artisanal slow fashion collection was born. The vivid African prints on wax fabrics steal your focus and the dresses capture the beauty of the traditional motifs on contemporary silhouettes.

When you wear clothing made by Bamanee, you are choosing a mindful way of dressing as it is created with a socially-responsible ethos. Wear the vibrant ethnic printed dresses for Christmas somewhere summery and tropical as you delight yourself with the energetic burst of color and print. The clothes are handcrafted by artisans using the wax printing technique. Each piece is designed and tailored with utmost care and attention. From the fabric-picking in Dakar to the sewing of the dress, each process is a collaboration between the designer and skilled tailors.

Whether you wear the dress for a beach or outdoor celebration or casually, you will feel absolutely terrific in ways that are beyond the aesthetics as you are supporting a sustainable dressing option which is important if we are to leave a better world for the younger generations!

Enjoy feasting your eyes on the gorgeous African print dresses down below and get inspired.


African Butterfly Print Blue Dress


| shop here


Slow Fashion African Print Maxi Dress


| shop here


Bow Back African Print Red Dress


| shop here


Which African print dress is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love the socially-conscious dress collection? Be sure to check out Bamanee for more and give them a follow! Alternatively, you can go directly to their official website.

“In the spring and summer I watched my plants flower, but it was, perhaps, in winter that I loved them best, when their skeletons were exposed. Then I felt they had more to say to me, were not simply dressing themselves for the crowds. Stripped of their leaves, their identities showed forth stark, essential.”Pamela Erens

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