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Fashionista NOW: Slouchy Chic Harem Pants Fashion Inspiration

Don’t care for the extremely drop crotch breed of harem pants but would love to test out the reasonably slouchy ones? Scroll on for fashion tips on getting the chic back in the slouch.

Yes, there is such a thing as reasonably slouchy harem pants and that depends on how much slouch, wrinkles and gathers you are comfortable with having at the crotch area of your pants.

You know how there are days that you’d wear nothing but skinny jeans and then El Nino happens and you’d be happy wearing nothing but skirts or the shortest of shorts with some ultra breathable top? And then the fashion news peeps begin to pour out advice about how your legs need a breather from all that skin-hugging wardrobe?

Well now, I am calling everyone to start wearing harem pants as a way to give the crotch area a breather without totally abandoning the pants in this weather.

As you can probably tell, I’m still quite in the middle about this trend because of Justin Bieber’s take on it but trawling the fashion-forward fraternity on the internet has revealed that they can be made utterly wearable as long as you pick the right ones.

Now that’s subjective right? Not really, nope. Because when it comes down to these pants, the more specific the crotch style they are equipped with, the better your chance at landing the chic ticket from Lord Fashion.

Without further ado, scroll below for the obligatory imagery (courtesy of lookbookers) and the vital fashion tips on getting the slouchy chic vibe with the harem pants:

grey harem pants – Cameo The Label

Okay, calm down. I know some of you are already rolling your collective eyes but this is the slouchiest I would personally go. If you find the saggy crotch area too distracting, opt out of this style. There is no gun-to-your-head scenario when it comes to putting on clothes over your own body.

So, back to the topic of making harem pants wearable – check out how the top is structured enough to be paired with such a slouchy crotch bottom. Worn tucked in, you create a line for your waist to be accentuated while breaking up the slouch to a tolerable level. Pick a dressy shoe like the pointy pumps above and a sleek shoulder clutch.

And with anything grey, be extra graceful because once water or sweat get to the fabric, it is going to show up loud! I’d stay away from anything grey when the temperature’s high and your pores are oozing with the stuff of life.

black harem pants – Etsy (QandA Fashion)

Moving on to something less slouchy, the black harem pants (above) are super wearable. The drop crotch is camouflaged by the solid black and the most visually interesting part of the pants is the asymmetrical leg hem.

Caroline teams the pants with a round neck white tee stamped with a black rectangle and heels with an asymmetrical upper. I just love the strategic visual play in the little details of this outfit.

black harem pants

Next, if there is a way to sport harem pants to work and other serious business type of thing, the outfit above spells it all out for you.

Note how very tame is the slouch on the pants and as has been stated before, black does tone down the wrinkles a bit that you and others will be spared the agony of having/looking at a saggy and folded crotch area.

With a black on black outfit like this, it’s easy to get swallowed up. Marilyn breaks up the drabness by cinching her waist with a skinny belt in brown. Her black shirt is worn half tucked in as the back area is left to dance with the wind. A no-nonsense bag and a pair of sultry strappy heels complete her fab look.

harem slouch pants with subtle wrap-style front – Camilla And Marc

Another all-black look that I can’t resist to share is as above. Instead of a full shirt, Kaitlyn opts for a cami style top worn tucked into a pair of harem pants that is unlike any other. Designed in a capri or cropped length, the pants’ signature drop crotch is artistically covered with a subtle wrap-style front.

Now, that solves the problem easily especially if the reason of your dislike of the harem pant style is due to the droopiness of the crotch and its accompanying crotch gathers. Don’t you just love to covet this? I know you do.

capri harem pants – Zara

For a look that screams summer, pick a capri length harem pants that come in your favorite print. For a chic look, a small print style like the above will do.

With a printed kind, lines at the crotch area is tastefully masked and if that is still not enough, wear a beaded top with a fring-y hem that layers over the front of your pants to distract viewers and oglers alike.

Now, for a few more style renditions with harem pants that you can wear this season, cast your attention to my favorite sets creatively designed by fellow polyvorers:

Rose Shadow~Journal

harem pants – H&M


acid wash denim harem pants – Boohoo


acid wash capri harem pants – Fashion Nova

just simple

color block pocketed grey harem pants – Romwe

Are you ready to welcome harem pants back into your summer wardrobe now that we have the slouchy crotch dilemma sorted out? What is your general opinion of this slouchy pants trend? Let us know below in the comments!

“Fashion is only the attempt to realize Art in living forms and social intercourse.”Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Professor at the Breakfast Table

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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