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Fashionista NOW: Drop Crotch Style ~ Harem Pants Fashion Inspiration

Call it Aladdin pants or MC Hammer pants, the drop crotch style trousers will either do you good and mess you up completely. They key to looking good in them harem pants are below, so do read on!

Autumn fashion sees the rise of relaxed fit trousers and one of the many leg-freeing pants out there is the harem. If you’ve just cringed at the mention of the name, you’re not alone.

It’s easy to feel disturbed if you’ve ever caught sight of someone who has butchered the look. Harem pants are not that friendly in terms of impulsive wearability. It’s the kind of piece in your wardrobe that you have to spend time with in deep thought as you plan on what to team it with.

While it can be a difficult type of billowy pant to sport, it has versatility in the fact that it can be transitioned from day to night and worn regardless of season, as long as you consider its fabric type to make sure that tweed or faux leather are for chillier weather and airy cotton for sunnier temperatures.

But unlike the palazzo style pants that billow as it goes down to the leg hem where you’re allowed definite reason to sport a fitted blouse or a structured peplum up top, the harem pants have a mix of slouch and fit.

It gets a little tricky but if donned just in the right shape and size and coordinated well with other pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll no doubt look supremely fresh.

So, if you’re kind of like me, not too sure about wearing the harem pants for fear of looking like a fool, let’s jump on to the looks curated from lookbook that does offer some justice to the drop crotch style pants:

Excited? I hope you are! On to our first look:

harem pants – Random

Just what do I wear with harem pants?

The answer lies in the style of your harem. Take a look at the crotch area (now if that sounds funny, please giggle).

What I mean is: Do give the crotch area of the pants a good look. As you wear them, check out how your pants hang from the front and back waist down.

If it’s not too exaggerated and hangs just nicely without awkward tagging/pulling, that’s the best! I’m no fan of extreme drop crotch the kind that the Biebs wear. So for a chic interpretation, Aileen’s look (above) nails it right on the head.

harem pants – H&M

How to formalize harem pants?

Pick solid colored harem pants that will go with just about anything. It’s going to be an all-season wear that can be absolutely terrific for work/formal to semi-formal settings. Instead of a tank worn under the blazer (above), switch it up with a fitted blouse with feminine embroidery.

The white blazer helps to structurize the look while the pants get to be billowy and slouchy as it tapers down the leg.

harem pants – Topshop

How to pull an androgynous look with harem pants?

Leoluca (above) captures the look down to a tee. Plaid harem for Fall – Check. Vintage puff sleeve blouse tucked in – Check. Combat boots to toughen up the look – Check. Chic black beret – Check!

black harem pants – Hare

How to go monochromatic with harem pants and make it cool-weather appropriate?

Anastasia’s look got me at hello! The more fitted the harem pants is, the more room you have to go slouchy on top. And those suede flat boots ensure that your feet will stay snug and warm.

almasi harem lite pants – Wildlife Works

What about patterned harem pants? How do I wear them?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy my lady. If you’re the kind who goes nuts over loud print on print styling, keep calm and wear your top in a solid chunk of color. With neutral color print harem, you can be adventurous and add a textured top like the one above.

Wearing crop top with these pants can be extra challenging if you’re not keen on midriff baring. Toss out the crop for something with a longer hem which you can tuck in instead.

striped harem pants – Oasap

For those not ready to part with vibrant colors, go print on print by emulating Stephanie’s look above.

harem pants – Pull & Bear

And lastly, here’s how you can pull of harem pants while staying warm and stylish.

I love the monochromatic black and white scheme of this outfit. Obviously, I am not able to pull off that leather jacket over a long coat look here in the tropics but hey, I’m cool appreciating the overly layered look from afar.

And that bag, how I wish I can just reach through the screen of my laptop and steal it!

Anyway, what do you ladies think of the harem pants? Are any of these looks simply amazing or what? What are the usual problems do you face when wearing the drop crotch pants?

How you SHOULD NOT wear your harem pants : A picture is worth a thousand words.

Since your pants’ crotch styling is already billowy, dropped and such, there’s no sense in placing bulky wallets and mobile phones or your makeup pouch on the front pockets.

That’s just pushing your drop crotch even more down south and a sure way to land a ticket from the imaginary fashion police now that your entire look has gone down hill.

Am I alone in finding the term ‘drop crotch’ hilarious? And please, if you have time, do leave your thoughts, questions and everything else down in the comments. I promise I will reply!

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