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Fashionista NOW: Sleek & Chic With Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are adored for their silhouette-skimming trait that spells sleek elegance that is essentially feminine.

To some of us, these skirts may feel a little too conservative and boring. But hey, did you know that you can inject a dose of modern chic into pencil skirts making them more appealing to wear?

Not only are pencil skirts loved by grannies and mommies all across the globe, the season’s pencil skirts are now created to appeal to the youth of our time, which means that they are subjected to shorter hemlines, fun and bolder print styles and even sleeker designs.

While some may feel that there’s something overly business-like with a pencil skirt, there is a way to making it completely wearable depending on what you choose to team it up with.

You have the liberty to toughen up and modernize a pencil skirt with your own brand of style suited for every situation. Pair it with a crop top and sneakers. Throw in some edge with some studded slouchy top, a cap and a pair of brogues. If all you want is to look super feminine, then the choice is positively limitless.

If you’re still unsure how, just scroll down below to view how lookbookers let their personal style signatures shine with pencil skirts and hopefully these outfit ideas will inspire you to dig your old pencil skirts out from the dusty corners of your closet and make them trendy once more.

high waisted denim pencil skirt by ArtFit

mini pencil skirt by Forever 21

knee length pencil skirt by Zara

red pencil skirt by Moschino

pencil skirt by Zara

peplum pencil skirt by Greta Vintage Store

pencil skirt by Daily Look

Do you think that you can ease pencil skirts into your current style? Share below because we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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