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Fashionista NOW: Skorts In Fashion ~ The Practical Short Skirts

A skort is basically a pair of shorts made to appear on the exterior like a skirt. And nope, it’s not a typo or a new invention.

The typical design of a skort usually features a fabric panel resembling a skirt that covers the front part of the shorts. Some skorts, however are essentially a skirt with shorts cloaked underneath while others are shorts parading as a skirt.

Whichever way you choose to define and view the skort, it has been in the clothing industry since the 1960s highlighted by Leon Levin Q-skirts’ popularity as more women started to infiltrate the golf arena. Not to be confused with culottes which are short trousers, a skort must at least look like a skirt. And as you’d most likely notice, the term ‘skort’ is derived from the combination of the words skirt and shorts.

Definitions aside, I truly appreciate the practicality of the skort as it offers the freedom of shorts and feminine appeal of a skirt. You don’t need to be concern about the skirt flipping up on you at the sudden burst of breeze and most importantly, the skort seamlessly blend the best of both trends that the end result is oh so wearable!

While there’s the opinion that skorts may be killing off the feminine sex appeal, I’d have to strongly and boldly disagree as NO piece of clothing created by man ever has that kind of special power.

Don’t believe me? Scroll down below to view how fashion-enthusiastic lookbookers wear their skorts and ooze X factor!

white skort by Romwe

skort with bow by YesStyle

vintage skort

skort by Forever 21

origami skort by Balenciaga

skort by Zara

white skort by Zara

Amazed that these skorts look exactly like short skirts (from the outside)? I know I am. Do you have any thoughts to share with regards to skorts? Please do so below!

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