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Fashionista NOW: Making A Bold Fashion Statement With Leopard Prints

Leopard prints have quietly taken the hearts of unsuspecting young fashionistas of late when just a decade or more ago, this particular wild animal print style never really took off with the young crowd.

In any case, it’s foolish to derive any concrete conclusion from the memory of a fashion-blinded high schooler that was me.

Speculations aside, just by perusing around on countless fashion websites and lookbook, you’ll inevitably notice the insidious spread of this wild animal print trend among the young and fashionable, females and even males.

Fashionista NOW: Men In Leopard Prints ~ What’s Your Verdict?

With leopard prints, less is most definitely ‘more’. There’s just no way I’d be caught wearing wild feline patterns from head to toe for as long as my sanity remains intact. And the best and nicest way to work leopard into your wardrobe is to let it be the central piece. No need to clash or mix prints.

If you’re wondering how exactly to wear the leopard prints without looking like a wild animal itself, just scroll down below.

leopard print shirt by Romwe

studded leopard print loafers by SheInside

leopard shorts by Urban Outfitters

leopard print trousers by Sugar Lips

leopard print cardigan

sweater by Nowistyle

heels by Forever 21

Leopard prints, worn at the right dosage, ideally and preferably one piece at a time, I believe, is the best way to carry off the look. The aim is to look impossibly chic, and definitely NOT gaudy or tacky.

What about you? Do any of these leopard-themed looks appeal to you? How would you wear the trend? Share below, thank you.

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