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Fashionista NOW: Skinny Jeans In Technicolor And Some Fashion Tips

If you love skinny jeans, why not get them in vibrant colors that set you apart from the conservative colors of dark blues, grays, browns and blacks!

For those who are wallflowers or who feel that dark morose colors reflect their broody inner personalities, please stay on for I might just be able to change your minds about sporting skinnies in a wide variety of bright colors that will in turn lift up your moods!

Let’s let the picture do the talking and I shall reveal to you some tricks and tips to make sure you’ll look absolutely stunning in these leg-flaunting, curves-loving, stretchable fashionable skinnies.

Skinny jeans in bold colors are a fashion statement by themselves that it is always best to err on the side of pairing a top that is in a less dramatic hue, such as (above), a black and white sweater. The bag too is in black and her accessories and shoes are nude peach in tone that they settle in the background. I like that she has a nails painted to match her skinnies!

And another one below that makes the same fashion point:

Love that the red details from the bag matches her skinny jeans and that her heels go with her top.

In the case where your top is white, then you definitely can start embellishing your look with distinct accessories that serve to complete the whole get-up. In the picture above, the skinny leopard print belt add a bit of an oomph to her style and her statement ring in the color tangerine goes well with the green skinnies.

Can I wear a printed/floral blouse with bright colored skinny jeans? The first thing to ask yourself is: Do the prints complement and enhance your ensemble or do they make it seem like there’s too much going on in there? In the picture above, a floral blouse in earthy tone is paired with bold green skinnies. Anything in earthy tones add a nice touch to a look which already has a statement piece.

Soft baby pink skinny jeans would be perfect for those who have the legs to flaunt. With darker tones, one can always hide certain traits of the legs that one wish to hide on a bad-shaped legs day, because dark colors have the magical ability to camouflage perfect imperfections.

In this picture, notice that the rest of her outfit, apart from the magenta skinnies, are in conservative colors – black boots, brown bag, denim blue top, and all accessories in gold/nude tone. Thus, your skinnies stand out, without a fuss, the way that they’re supposed to!

Sometimes though, you may have a color theme in your mind and that you want to have all the pieces in every other shade of that one color, such as in the photo above. Well, you can of course do it, making sure that the side effect after looking at yourself in the mirror is not a full blown migraine! I’m kidding.

The purple skinnies certainly do not stand out, in the immediate sense, as say the pink bag and the peek of pink blouse. Instead, they become a dark contrast for the pieces in bright shades.

And lastly, ladies, ‘less is more’ works best if you want eyes to fall straight onto your hot bright skinny pants. Oops, I don’t mean eyeballs suddenly popping out of nowhere down on your feet, Halloween’s over!

So what do you think of skinny jeans in technicolor – love them or hate them? Anyhow, have fun looking good in whatever it is that you are wearing girls!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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