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Fashionista NOW: Ready To Bare Your Midriff With The Bralet Fashion Trend?

The midriff-exposing trend of the 90s is returning back this sunny season in the form of a bralet. Inspired by the standard bra and corset, bralet is a spin-off of the undergarment that wants to be worn as a real garment on its own or under a structured blazer, flowy long cardi or a denim vest.

Celebs are known to rock the bare-midriff section bold and proud but we mere mortals may find the notion of flaunting our tender mid section a tad anxiety-inducing. Guess what? With bralets, you choose how much of tummy skin you’re comfortable with baring via the appropriate bottom wear.

By pairing the bralet with a high waisted maxi skirt, shorts or trousers, you’ll let out a peek of skin to tease but only just barely. This combination can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

However, for those with heavier chest and tummy area, the bralet trend is best avoided as it can be a disservice to our curvy and full physique. As with many strong statement-slinging trends, the best way to rock your bralet is to make sure that you’re able to carry it well and most of all, with a vast amount of confidence. If you’re not keen on midriff-flaunting, it is alright to skip the trend altogether.

Layering the bralet with a sheer buttoned cardigan or any outerwear of your liking can add a touch of sophistication that you need.

For a better visual idea on how lookbook trendsetting sisters wear their bralets, do kindly scroll down below. The bralets designed today come in a variety of materials, colors and prints, so that you’ll never run out of choices to pick from. Expect to find them in nude and brilliant monochromatic shades, lace, velvet, denim, leather, animal and floral prints and many many more.

What do you honestly think of the bralet style? Do you think it’s wearable here in Malaysia? Or is the trend only appropriate for attending music gigs and spending the day lazing at the beach? If you have been sporting the trendy and flirty bralet, tell us how you wear it and still get your grandma’s stamp of approval? Shoot it all down below, please.

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