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Fashionista NOW: Are You Up For Some Skulls In Fashion?

While the real skull of a dead human being is morbid, skull prints in clothing or skull studs on shoes are stylish and cool by today’s standards. In jewelry, skulls are making quite a bold come-back with more shine and glitz than ever before.

Skulls were never immediately associated with fashion in the olden days of practical straight-to-the-point fashion. Familiar with the flag that carries the skull and crossed bones symbol on a pirate ship? Well, the flag actually represents impending death or a warning of danger. Skulls decorate labels of bottles that carry poison also denote a warning that improper use will result in death.

Nevertheless, not all skull symbolism is depressing. Skulls also symbolize life after death and spirituality. They were used in rituals in pre-Columbian America among the Aztecs and certain tribes in Mexico and were looked upon as symbols of death and rebirth. Death was viewed in a positive light as complete liberation for when they’d be truly awake.

Closer to home, the Iban people of Borneo used to collect human skulls which they suspended as trophies from the roofs of their huts. The display of skulls was to let visitors know the danger they’d be facing if they decided to mess with the host physically of spiritually! [Source]

Today’s fascination with skulls (at least in the fashion world) is all very innocent. Well, as long as they’re not from real human beings, that is. Skulls sprinkled on clothing can add to a dark and edgy look, or serve as a whimsical element that can be portrayed as quirky and cute.

There’s nothing macabre about the return of skulls that are enthusiastically displayed on our clothing and accessories at all. Handpainted, decorated with rhinestones, made up with shiny metallic studs or in colored form, the skull has proven that it seeks to stay on long after the flesh has gone..

Below are some interesting lookbooks of skull-adorned fashionistas. I hope you’ll derive some inspiration from this selection.

Are you loving the skull prints on clothes and skull ornaments in jewelry and accessories such as belts and purses? Or are skulls best left worn by young and moody adolescents only? Comment below.

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