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Fashionista NOW: Orange Fashion Trend Inspiration

The go-to color for October as declared by Yours Truly (as it coincides with the awesome Halloween celebration) is none other than the mighty orange, the kind that makes pumpkin skins glow vibrantly. How very extraordinary, not.

Call it orange or tangerine, this fiery hue promises instant lift of color and mood on the soberest of garbs.

If you’re an enthusiastic Halloweener, you could incorporate dashes of orange hues into your wardrobe as a shout-out to the spirits of ghosts, goblins and other supernatural creatures of the season while keeping it wearable for day/night.

As far as color trends are concerned dictated by the gods of fashion, orange is the spring/summer happy shade to sport but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to relinquish your freedom to carry it well into other seasons as you see fit.

With the chillier months underway or set to come, there’s no reason not to bring added warmth and energy to the layers of muted separates with the bright orange shade of your liking.

Whether worn as accents by way of scarves, tights or jewelry or as the focal statement piece of your ensemble, the color brings a remarkable pick-me-up flavor into any of your neutral outfits.

And not only that, you may experience increased energy levels too should you be the type to have moods that are easily susceptible to colors.

For how to get oranged up in style this October and beyond, do kindly have a scroll below for instant inspiration:

orange coat

orange lace crochet dress – Choies

DIY orange cape

orange dress – Sugarlips

orange coat – Romwe

orange palazzo pants – American Apparel

orange cardigan

So, orange you glad that you can wear orange even if it’s not on trend? I hope you are! Which one of these would you wear? Share below!

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