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Fashionista NOW: Neo Kimono Outerwear Fashion Inspiration

Learn the chic way to sport kimono style outerwear as you make it a part of your spring and summer wardrobe.

The kimono has been given a fashion life line as the modern wearer’s affinity for light layering extends this season.

Whether as a breezy outerwear alternative worn in place of a shawl or as a structured jacket, the Japan-hailed kimono still fuel the inspiration for many fashion designers across the globe.

Just recently, Denny Wirawan, a renowned Indonesian designer presented 15 creations of kimono style dresses rendered in sheer black fabrics at Fashion Nation 2014 in Jakarta.

Among the many kimono-inspired styles that keep streaming back into the fashion spotlight, the outerwear featuring the signature roomy sleeves remains a favorite as it makes multiple appearances on relaxed summer-strolling wear and as part of the music-festival-loving youth’s style.

Worn as a statement outerwear that’s light enough for when it’s sunny, the laid-back style of wearing a relaxed fit kimono outerwear over the casual pairing of a denim and tee brings a visual interest that may appeal to those that like to dress bohemian. Sash or not to sash, that’s entirely up to you.

Nevertheless, that’s just one of the variety of ways to sport a kimono style outerwear. If it’s chilly where you are and you’d prefer a more polished look, top a kimono wrap jacket over a smart dress.

While it’s uber modern to mix print on print, for a look that’s easy to wear and kind to the eye, we advise keeping the blouse/dress devoid of print should the kimono jacket come in a vibrant oriental motif so as to allow the attention to rest on said outerwear.

If you’re wondering how a kimono outerwear trend can be made relevant again as you step out to greet spring with a spring in your step, scroll down to find out how to showcase eastern mystique while keeping it contemporary:

floral kimono – H&M

kimono – Arnhem

kimono jacket – Motel Rocks

kimono jacket – Storets

kimono outerwear – VIP Sisters

floral kimono – Choies

kimono jacket – Nordstrom

To the selected polyvore sets for more ways to inject kimono inspired outerwear into your spring to summer duds:


all the rope's untied

inspired outfit with a kimono.

Do you care to include kimono inspired outerwear in your spring/summer wardrobe this season? Which of the looks here appeal to your style preference? Voice it all out below.

“Our clothes are too much a part of us for most of us ever to be entirely indifferent to their condition: it is as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul.” Quentin Crisp

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