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Fashionista NOW: Neo-Ethnic Earthy Tribal Skirt Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Joyce C.

How to make a neo-ethnic fashion statement? Start with tribal print skirts!

If you are of the free-spirited sort and would like to ooze the rustic vibe that the bohemian trend is known for, allow tribal skirts in earthy brown tones to enter your wardrobe.

While there are tons of black and white tribal prints to go wacko for, classic chocolate-y and beige shades can be easily worked into a canvas of a minimalist outfit. Skirts rendered in patterns, fabrics and colors courtesy of your homegrown cultures would be a place to start to showcase your pride in the locally-derived motifs.

Here in Malaysia, batik-inspired prints on long or midi skirts can be eased into the modern attire with the ethnic skirt being the highlight. For those who’ve always wanted to wear skirts in batik prints that are cut in shorter hemlines but could not find them anywhere, dig out your DIY sewing kit because you can refashion a long skirt into a short mini skirt (or any preferred length) with the help of Mr Google.

If you’ve got no time for that, then, to the tailor, you must go!

Alternatively, since neo-ethnic has emerged as a hot trend for Autumn/Winter 2014, your local/online boutiques would have been well-stocked with ready-to-wear modern tribal skirts and other pieces for you to lay your paws on.

Find a color scheme that is Autumn-friendly preferably in the shades of dried leaves and burnt tangerine. Anything with the major background color splashed in shades of brown is perfect if the aim is to keep it muted. However, the patterns may come in dark broody tones of reds, blues, greens and purples.

As always, to the fashion imagery below for contemporary ways in styling a tribal skirt like a pro:

tribal print skirt – For Elyse | Mai Sunshine

skirt – Sheinside | Alana Ruas

skirt – Mango | Paula Deiros

ethnic skirt – Aw Store | Deliuxie N.

More outfit ideas with earthy tribal skirts:

Beautiful thinking

| creative set designed by Cahley TT

Jumping in the leaves

| creative set designed by From the catwalk to your closet


| creative set designed by Ruska

Cause a ragged old hobo // Is really better off than me // He ain't nothing but a hobo // But he's livin' his hobo dreams

| creative set designed by Naudita Olivia


| creative set designed by Joannabanana

What are your thoughts about the neo-tribal print fashion trend? Do you like making a statement with ethnic-inspired motif? If so, what is your most coveted tribal piece and just how do you plan to style it? Share below and let us know!

“What I love is this idea of a wardrobe, the idea that we’re establishing certain signatures and updating them, that a change in color or fabric is enough.”Phoebe Philo

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