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Fashionista NOW: Monotone Tie Dye Dress Fashion Inspiration

The heat is a killer and we can’t all be wearing over-the-top tie dye, so here are our favorite breeze-loving tie dye dress styles in muted monotone for easy and chic dressing.

Florals aside, tie dye prints are a go-to for summer. For boho queens and hippie-esque mavens, psychedelic hued tie dyes are welcome with open arms. For us wallflower type of dressers however, we’ll stick to the monochrome interpretations of black and white, and dark navy shades.

Denim jeans in tie dye motif are fine enough to be worn in the evening when the temperature dips but with the sticky weather going on full swing, ladies rejoice as we’ve got summer dresses at our disposal. A huge trend for festival-goers, tie dye is worn as a nod to the free-spirited mood of the season.

Victoria Secret’s supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted just recently wearing a lilac tie dye maxi dress as part of her off-duty look. For those looking to dress hardcore normcore this summer, tops splashed in colorful tie dye motif are a great addition especially when paired cargo pants with socks and sandals.

In Malaysia though, the sandals-and-socks pairing does not go well with the humidity and thus is considered an abomination. But if the weather in your locale permits for the very controversial partnership of socks and sandals, don’t let the fashion police stop you from going normcore all the way.

Monotone tie dye dresses come in various silhouettes that you shall find them from body-accentuating constructions to loose and summer-worthy shapes that allow for adequate ventilation. From the shortest of hems to floor-length maxi style, the tie dye dresses of the season are made to appeal to all ages and style ranges.

If you find that tie dye patterns are too predictable, think again, because the contemporary versions are toned down and made chic to fit in with the spirit of the times where minimalism reigns even in the choice of print.

As always, to the fashion imagery below for a slew of wearable tie dye dresses in chic monochrome styling to get you to channel your inner bohemian in small doses while keeping it thoroughly modern:

tie dye maxi dress with side splits – Love (Oh My Love)

tie dye midi dress – Topshop

tie dye dress – H&M

tie dye mini dress – In Love With Fashion

tie dye dress – F-Stop (Fashion Stop)

Tie-dye Halter Dress

tie dye halter dress – Raquel Ellegra

Tie Dye Maxi for Date Night - Plus Size

sleeveless v-neck tie dye maxi – Target

Tie Dye-Dress It Up

tie dye cutout dress – Fashion Union

Tie Dye Contest 2

tie dye high neck skater dress – AX Paris

Are you ready to wear the tie dye trend? Do you fancy the tie dye dresses rounded up here? Which of the dress styles do you love to covet? The curve-hugging kind or the flowy easy-on-the-tummy sort? Share below and let us know!

“I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart, so I always wear things that are comfortable and flowing.”Carly Rae Jepsen

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