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Fashionista NOW: Modern Tribal Print Fashion Trend Inspiration

Learn the real names of the tribal/ethnic prints you’ve been wearing and get instant style tips on how to go tribal stylishly.

Tribal or ethnic prints in clothing have become a trend that truly cuts across borders and cultural differences. In fashion, these vibrant attitude-filled prints and patterns do sprinkle in the needed spice into our bare minimal modern chic wardrobe of choice of late.

And while it’s apparent that ‘tribal’ or ‘ethnic’ are mere general terms used to cover a wide variety of patterns courtesy from ancient textile design techniques from all across the globe, we could all make do with a bit more of awareness with regards to the specific print styles that we may have loved and even worn or seen on others.

I’m echoing the sentiment of an article titled What’s Fashion’s “Ethnic” Prints Are Really Called?” written by Connie Wong here and have indulged in a game of guessing the specific ‘tribal’ prints worn by stylish lookbookers down below.

The many ‘tribal’ prints in fashion that we see include energetic patterns that may carry Ganado, Tapa, Batik, Ikat, Shibori, Aloha (Hawaiian), Chinle or Dutch Wax patterns.

Kindly do check out the article linked above (if you have not) to learn more about the specific signature looks of these ‘ethnic’ prints and how they are made before scrolling down to play the guessing game down below. Have fun!

tribal (Chinle prints) top

tribal craze (Chinle prints) pencil skirt by Awwdore

Ikat print shorts by Marshalls

vintage tribal (Tapa print) cover up

tribal (Chinle prints) sweater

tribal (Ganado prints) skirt by Frumosroom

tribal (Chinle prints) pleather cardigan by ShopAKIRA

tribal (Ganado prints) jacket by California Vintage Connect

What do you think of these modern tribal looks? Did you manage to guess the name of the prints correctly? If you find this article interesting, please do share it with your friends. Thank you!

PS: What is the name of the ethic print seen in the intro picture? Share below!

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