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Fashionista NOW: Modern Grunge Fashion Trend ~ The Way To Raggedy Glam

Are you bored of predictable sleek and shiny trends? Do you want to look like you just don’t give a toss and still exude some sort of effortless I-so-rock vibe a la Johnny Depp? You need modern grunge, darling.

The grunge style came about in the early 90s as an antithesis of fashion. The whole unkempt, couldn’t be a*sed look was a natural result of not having cash to indulge on the ‘in’ side of fashion and folks just bought or borrowed whatever they can dig up from thrift stores or closets of their mates or plain strangers.

The 90s grunge style wasn’t meant to look pretty. It was more of a crazy clash of prints and patterns and ill-fitting clothes.

When designers took it upon themselves to glamorize the raggedy street style into high-end fashion, the bits that was raggedy and disheveled were the results of purposeful intention instead of the I could not for the life of me be bothered or I’m seriously broke to give a rat’s posterior attitudes.

The tattered jeans of today are tattered on purpose. Those holes and frayed ends are purposely made so for that so-called edgy effect.

No one’s a true grunge these days. Some may be glunge (glam grunge) but they’re light years away from the true grunge of the earlier times. Then again, all of fashion starts from this unplanned accidental looks that were born out of sheer necessity which overtime got adopted by the fashion industry to feed the trend-hungry contemporary masses that will in turn feed the economy.

But the good thing is no one can simply emulate style. Fashion trends come by the dozens. Style is a mix of the externals trappings and your own dose of individuality. It’s 2013 and the modern grunge look is not going anywhere ever since it’d popped back into the fashion scene in the early 2010s.

If you’re wondering how to sport the modern grunge without caring if you’re looking like a hot mess and still look like you’ve taken some effort to not look like the bag lady, well here’s a roundup of grungy lookbookers showing it like it is.

Acid wash jeans and wind-blown natural hair.

Get some booties or other bulky shoes. Crazy printed leggings. Hat’s optional. Combed hair’s optional.

Yes to oversized hoodie coat. Layer it up with a cardigan. Dip-dyed mane.

Edge it up with a slouch studded blouse. Don’t forget leggings with graphic prints of your liking. Jewelry’s optional. And get that hair!

Plaid. Never underestimate the power of an oversized plaid flannel shirt to bring that inner 90s grungy girl out! Body con cutout dress and glittery boots grunge up this look.

Mix match to the point that the whole combo looks dizzying. Like you’ve dressed yourself up in the dark. Maxi flowered skirts. Flannel layered over a shirt. 90s grunge is so alive in this ensemble!

Glunge girl alert. Heels and chains blinged up this look. Layered hairstyle, yes.

A mix of unpredictable pieces. Roll neck slouchy camel top over a black asymmetrical top and bulky leather knee-high booties. The huge gold chain around her neck totally grunges up this grungy combo.

A pretty grunge number can be done when you bring jewelry and a short pretty skirt into the equation. The shoes and flannel top retain the 90s grunge fashion element.

What do you think of the glamorized grunge style? Do you prefer sticking to the old-school 90s grunge or mix it up and modernize the trend? Share below.

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