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Fashionista NOW: Ladies In Hoodies ~ YOLO Fashion Trend

YOLO! I mean you only live once right? If there’s a piece of clothing that lives and breathes this YOLO meme to the core, it has got to be the hoodie.

The history of the hoodie is laden with all sorts of bipolar interpretations.

Whether it is viewed as a cloak for criminal behavior, a symbol of social injustice, a monk’s holy garb, an urban street trend made hip by the skateboarders and hip hop music genre or the uber-precious worn-out style of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook top dog, we can safely conclude that it’s the YOLO-est piece of clothing ever in fashion.

Below are some stylish lookbookers rocking the girl-in-the-hoodie trend that you may either love, hate or be just about indifferent to.

hoodie by 5preview

hoodie by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

hoodie jacket by Folded & Hung

dress with a hood by Tookie on Melrose

hooded tank with scuba hood by Rojas

hooded pullover by Yesstyle

acid wash hooded shirt by Von Zipper

I love hoodies and have previously raved about it in the piece about men in hoodies. Link to the said article:

Fashionista NOW: Fashionable Hoodies ~ The Zuckerberg Trend

What do you have to say about the hoodie trend? Do you hoard hoodies? If you do, please share this article with your buddies!

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