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Fashionista NOW: How To Look Good Rocking The Cutout Dress Trend

The cutout dress trend has been brought back into the fashion scene by celebs like Rihanna, Halle Barry and the bootylicious Ciara. Its signature peek-a-boo cut out feature reveals flaunt-able body parts such as the waist area, shoulder, chest, and back.

Fashion critics have shared mix feelings as the cut out trend’s spreading beyond the waist area showing off fleshy thighs that should’ve been hidden.

I personally think that subtle cut out features in dresses are fantastic compared to the all-out I-Reveal-You-Every-Bit-Of-My-Flesh-Because-I’m-Sexy ones! And if you have toned legs, I think cut out jeans, leggings, jeggings can look pretty amazing too. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

Rambling aside, I shall toss in a few fashion tips if you decide to give the cutout fashion trend a try.

Let the cut out dress stand out, cut down the drama from other aspects of your outfit.

There’s something about tiny sneak peeks of flesh from a cutout dress that draws in on our attention (I’m no pervert!) that doesn’t need additional clutter of gaudy legwear or accessories. The more you lump on too much stuff, you will look like you’re trying too hard.

Highlight The Body Part That You Love.

Don’t buy just any cutout dress just because a friend looks smoking hot in it. You’ve got to find out which body part(s) that you feel comfortable exposing. That sounded strange, but my drift, you get (channeling Yoda, for no good reason).

Say, if you’re not too excited about exposing the sides of your waist, because you’ve been eating delicious cakes daily and can’t be bothered to work out so you’ve got love handles and you’re mad that strangers keep talking to you about prenatal check up – well, don’t buy side cutout dresses! At least not until you’ve got the love handles sorted.

And get some exercise done girly, you’ve got to keep fit for your own good! Back cutout dress (as in the picture above) is perfect for almost anyone, so you can give that a try. That is if you’re comfortable with your back and shoulder area exposed.

Look at the variety of cutout designs instead of focusing on the usual sensuous styles of waist/chest exposing types celebs wear.

If you only think of the cutout style in dresses as having to dress up looking extremely sexy, you’ve got to broaden your ideas about it. In the picture above, the pretty lass wears a long sleeve dress that has cut outs from elbow-to-wrist area. Pretty low-key and quirky, I must say.

A Big Fashion Tip For donning a Waist-revealing cutout dress.

Make sure you have the body type for it, ladies. If you are bulky or heavy in the middle, please do not wear waist cutout dress. Reason: It will not flatter your appearance and it will unfortunately make you appear shorter and to put it mildly, a bit strange.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t ever try the dresses out. You can, but keep it in the four-walls girl.

One tone cutout for an elegant vibe.

Cutout dresses are glamorous but they can be minimalistic and elegant too depending on the color and design of choice. In the picture above, the tall and slender model looks very formal yet very trendy in her plain black cutout. Instead of wearing something too figure-hugging, the dress drapes over her figure smoothly,accentuating her hips and long stems. What effortless style!

Printed Cutout For a Carefree Bohemian feel.

Just by choosing a dress that has distinct prints, in this case, feathers, can spice up your cutout style. Add in a crochet poncho and a pair of gladiator boots, and off you go dancing in the green meadows like a hipster princess. Seriously though, I could use a dress like that.

Keep Your Style Unique – Wear it Like Mayo Wo.

Unique fashionistas know how to dress up and still keep their signature style. In the case of Mayo Wo, she’s never seen (almost I think) without a unique hand bag and a pair of wedges wrapped around her funky-stockinged feet. I can never wear socks with sandals,and wedges make me wobble. Story of my life.

Don’t Expose Too Much – Keep It Subtle.

With cutout dresses, the more you try to expose all of your assets, the tackier you will look. It’s a one piece affair and the dress that you wear (if it’s short), is already showing off your legs by default. A must-have feature is only this: Confidence.

If your confidence is on the low, don’t even try to put on that dress girl! One thing I’ve noticed that stands out like Gaga in a crowd is that confidence is vital to looking supremely good. If you let your clothes attempt to impress while your personality sits by the exit-door, it’s not going to look good! And I’m not joking.

So what do you think of dresses with cut outs? Do you like the cutout fashion? Feel free to leave a shout-out below if you love/abhor it.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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