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Fashionista NOW: How To Look Good In Aztec Prints?

Aztec prints have been stacking up on racks of boutiques and online stores for quite a while and the fashion trend isn’t showing any sign of letting up here in Malaysia. What’s the deal with this sudden Aztec fashion infatuation?

It could be that the vivid colors and patterns are bohemian-esque that it appeals to the rustic and earthy bunch of fashionistas. Another, it could be that the Aztec tribal prints seems to have that familiar vibe, a design that is similar to our traditional batik scene.

Either way, the trend’s just completely in tune with this year’s love for bold patterns and colors.

What are Aztec prints? Where do these interesting bold patterns come from?

Modern fashion that carries Aztec-inspired prints gets its influence from the clothing of the Aztecs; people of certain ethnic groups from central Mexico. The patterns and prints reflected in the clothing reveal an appreciation and fascination for the natural world. These patterns and brilliant colors are inspired from birds, fish, insects and other animals.

The intense colors seen on Aztec inspired prints are a trademark of their clothing style that goes way back in time. Because of their vast trading network, the Aztecs were able to make use of a beautiful array of dyes, creating the brilliant colours still seen in Mexico today.(source)

The ancient Aztecs however did not get to indulge in clothing trends like we do now as the clothes that they wore then reflected the age group as well as the social class that they belong to.

Today, fashion followers who are mad about geometric and abstract patterns will have their fashion palettes completely satiated by a wide pool of choices thanks to talented designers with the help of modern technological advancements which have made mass production of Aztec prints a simplified systematic process.

…And the fact that the modern human being is driven by the latest upcoming coveted trends makes it a very lucrative business venture as well…

Side rant aside:

How to rock the Aztec fashion trend tastefully?

Aztec prints are loud and they are simply statement-grabbing.

If you’re the type of person who love to play by the rules of fashion, let one piece from your outfit carry the loud tribal motif and the rest in muted solid colored tones that complement the coloring of the printed piece. Keep the bling bling to a minimal too.

While style bloggers have been known to bend the fashion rules and look enviously good clad in more than one tribal printed pieces, it does not mean that you have to follow them blindly.

If you are known to be a pretty daring fashionista yourself, I do think that a mix of stripes or plaids with your Aztec printed piece would be something you could pull off well.

If the combo fails, just scroll down to get some fun ideas from some of the trendiest of lookbookers below.

So what do you think of Aztec prints in contemporary fashion? Is the trend hot in your world? Or is it just a passing fad? Let us know below.

If you’re in Melaka, head on quick to Rimo Boutique as it’s got an array of Aztec inspired clothing (and more) on sale!

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