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Fashionista NOW: Get Your Plaid On ~ Dresses In Plaid

I remember the sudden enthusiasm over plaids that took over the college habitat here back a few years ago. It was all hipster-ish more than as a statement of rebellion. It was the cool thing to do, wearing plaids, checks or tartan, whichever way you want to call it.

So much so that everywhere you looked, it seemed as though that the student folk have finally collectively made up their minds that wearing plaids is the most acceptable thing to do and that they were oblivious to the fact that it has crossed over into uniform territory.

Malaysian schools impose uniforms on their students so that for more than a decade of the youths’ lives would be spent in uniforms. But after that, uniforms are reserved for the police force, military, the fire fighters and oh you get the idea.

In colleges, it’s all about free expression and then you see plaids everywhere. The irony’s worth a laugh.

The most popular ones are checkered tops with collar and sleeves that you can roll back, worn with skinny jeans.

Plaid dresses on the other hand seem to have remained in the background. For now, it’s yet to be the cool thing to wear but I’m hyping the style up for no reason except that it’s pretty in a preppy manner.

Scroll on below to see if you’d like to get your plaid on through cute dresses.

plaid dress by Made By Me

plaid dress by BOTB, Connected Fashion Festival

checkered dress by Friend’s DIY

plaid shirt dress by Buffalo Exchange

tartan dress by Parisian New Look

red tartan dress by Carbon

Which of these are you favorite? Are you still a plaid fanatic? Share below.

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