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Fashionista NOW: Flower Headbands Fashion Inspiration

Flower power reigns this fashion season and there is a scientific reason for you to get botanical too.

Headbands, hairbands and all kinds of hair accessories with floral ornaments are huge for spring and their stay extends way into the summer.

While I have made no secret that gaudy flower headbands are not my thing among many other trends, a recent study conducted by French scientists Jordy Stefan and Nicolas Guéguen of the Universite de Bretagne-Sud revealed that flower power has real beneficial effects on fostering positive relationships amongst strangers.

Two 19-year old female participants, who were either wearing barrettes with or without a flower, went around asking for a bus fare from 240 complete strangers, comprising of both males and females in their thirties.

The study concluded that strangers responded positively by handing bus fare 76.7 percent of the time when the woman was wearing a flower in her hair, compared to 50.8 of the time when the woman was without the floral ornamentation. (Source)

Lesson: If you’re planning to get free rides (and other freebies), wear or carry flowers. This applies to males too but if wearing a flower crown crosses into ludicrous territory, hold a bunch of flowers instead while hitchhiking.

Males holding flowers while hitchhiking elicited positive reactions from female motorists who were more inclined to stop and offer a ride, another study revealed.

The fact that this can be turned into a ruse by some maniac causes me to shudder but paranoia aside, what do you think of these two flower power studies?

And for those who’d like to sport flower crowns because you are a real hippie/boho at heart, look below for ways to wear and include them in your wardrobe:

flower headband DIY

flower headband – H&M

flower headband – Primark

flower headband – Etsy (kisforkani)

* flowers flowers *

white daisy garland headband – New Look

Wild flower

floral crown headband – Boticca

Flower headbands

flower crowns to last a lifetime and more (click image to get to the list).

Are you ready to get into the spirit of flower power this season? Do you like wearing flowers in your hair? If so, what kind of floral headband style do you go for? Big and loud or small and proud? Shoot your lines below and let us know!

“These flowers will be rotten in a couple hours. Birds will crap on them. The smoke here will make them stink, and tomorrow a bulldozer will probably run over them, but for right now they are so beautiful.”Chuck Palahniuk

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