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Fashionista NOW: Feather Print Fashion Inspiration

Remember the feather extension insanity? Now you’ve got another derivative of that feather trend to flock towards and it comes in the form of feather prints!

Feathers have been in long before we started to call the pursuits of vanity ‘fashion’.

The Neanderthals used real animal feathers for the purpose of ornamentation alone by way of selective manual plucking of feathers of 22 bird species that were not considered good food sources.

Headdresses of the native American were early instances of how feathers were used as decoration.

Just a few years back, we saw feather hair extensions took the trend hungry world by surprise. Suddenly all the kids were wearing feathers in their hair like it was the coolest thing to do.

Nevertheless, feathers have always held that dreamy appeal in the fashion world. Something about them just speak to our whimsical bohemian side.

This time, instead of real/faux feathers, we’re seeing feather prints taking the spotlight. Want to know how to wear them feather prints without turning into a real bird? Check out the roundup of feather printed looks below for quick inspiration.

feather playsuit – Motel Rocks

feather print chiffon cardigan – Lauves

feather shawl cardigan – Nectar Clothing

feather print dress – Love

vintage style feather blouse – Etsy (The Velvet Bird)

feather print dress – Topshop

feather print top – One Clothing

feather print top – Oxford Circus

feather print dress – Darling Clothes

feather print skirt – Hana Secret

Learn how to make your own feather patterned shirt that’s uber artistic without breaking the bank here:

This Fashion is Mine: DIY Feather Print Shirt

Are you looking to try feather prints anytime soon? What do you think of feathers as patterns decorating clothing? Do you still wear feathers in your hair? Share everything below!

“Kindness is always fashionable.” – Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

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