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Fashionista NOW: Spice Up Your Hair With Feather Extensions

Feather extension can spice up your coif by adding a textured highlight that will enhance your appearance. And if you are the carefree type who loves to experiment with new trends, the chances there are feathers in your hair right now is fairly high.

According to stylists, this hair trend appeals to a group of young teens up to those in their 20s. I say if you look mighty fine wearing one or two feather(s) in your mane, go ahead rock it out, age shouldn’t stop you.

This hair feather trend has quickly become an international phenomenon, with many fashionistas seen on YouTube and on T.V donning the light-weight feather as a wonderful hair accent.

If you’ve been watching this year’s American Idol, you’d notice that the rockstar judge, Steven Tyler rocking out the feather extensions in his wavy hair looking all bohemian and quirky.

The fun thing about these hair feathers is that they act as a fun accessory that texturizes your hair without being too over the top about it.

Do you know that original/natural feather extensions can be treated like your normal hair – how convenient is that, right? They can be brushed, curled, straightened and blow dried without losing their natural appeal.

The broad range of colors and shapes that they come by ensures that you will have a big selection to choose from.

Another appeal-factor of these feathers is that they are so easy to put in and take out – which further fuels the trend’s growing popularity. They do not cause any damage to your hair and you don’t need to put up with them, if you grow tired of them – just take them out.

And then there’s the synthetic versions. These faux feather extensions also come in a wide variety of colors, lengths, widths, designs and textures. They do last quite a long time (depending on how you maintain them, obviously) as long as you don’t keep it in your hair while taking a shower.

Compared to the original ones, faux feathers cannot stand heat treatment so it’s best that you treat them strictly like any other hair accessories.

Unlike other trends made popular by celebrities that may burn a hole in your pocket, feather extensions are very affordable – thus making them even more appealing. Instead of getting highlights, weaves or streaks – feather hair extensions allow you to add bulk and fun texture into your hair while still being economical. How’s that for a fashion trend? Pretty practical too, right?

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