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Fashionista NOW: Fashion Ideas For Christmas ~ Glittery Sequins

Christmas is just about to pop around the corner and there’s that festive holiday mood seeping into the air that you’re breathing. If you’re a warm blooded female with a penchant for standing out in glitz as you celebrate Christmas, you’re going to need something totally sequintastic naturally.

According to Trend Vogue, one of the best trends to sport this Christmas is none other than the glamorous sequined dresses! And, may we add: Just about anything that comes shiny and glittery. Shorts, skirts, blouses, cardigans, DIY collars that have sequins all fall under this category.

Let’s find out how you can wear sequins and be festive this Christmas in the most modern and effortless way.

Francesca wears a gold sequined dress accentuated with a black ribbon tied at the waist. She keeps it minimal with the bling-bling by sporting only a necklace. The look is finished off with a black Chanel bag and sexy black heels.

Wear this look to a glitzy Christmas dinner and you will no doubt shine!

Kani the quirky fashionista from Australia takes the sequin skirt and team it up with an unexpected high low button-up blouse by Asos. She wears a necklace under the collar of the top and the look is completed with pair of leg-elongating sweet pink pumps with cuffs.

Wear this look for a semi-formal to formal Christmas gathering and never leave the house without the most joyous smile plastered on your face. Don’t forget a pop of red lips and if you like, paint your nails bright red as well!

Cheyser’s modern sequined look is comprised of glittery sequin top and equally glittery sequin shorts. She tops it off with a crimson red blazer for a festive color boost. Jewelry’s kept to a minimal and a small black purse ties the look together.

Wear this out for a casual to formal Christmas celebration and don’t forget to unscrooge your spirit as you step out of the door. Who knows who gets to stand with you under the mistletoe!

For a sweet and lethal mix of sheer metallic and sequined look, emulate this poised lookbook fashionista: Stephanie. She keeps it most minimal with the jewelry, only sporting a bracelet and the tiniest of earrings.

She plays it up with a dramatic makeup: yellow eye shadow and blazing hot red lips. Personalize this holiday look by replacing the wedges with a pair of your favorite dainty heels.

For those with a love for anything sweet, earthy and most lady-like, wear your sequined look like Sandra by pairing a sequined skirt and a golden top. She layers it up with a sweet nude pink blazer, brown and black strappy sandals and a handbag.

You don’t need to wear a full sequined dress to appreciate how sequins just scream I-am-so-in-a-festive-mood. Cue in the most minimal sequined look by Mayo. She wears a sheer organza cardigan that is lined by sequins over an apple green chiffon maxi dress and a pair of bronze flats.

Oh, don’t forget the tiara! Make this Christmas a reason to whip out that tiara and let your inner goddess peek through. If you find the idea rather diva-esque, just skip it. Or pin a ribbon/bow in your hair.

What do you think of these sequined looks? Will you be all donned up in sequins this Christmas? Which of these looks would you wear? Share below.

May the holidays bring you and your loved ones closer. Merry Christmas!

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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