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Fashionista NOW: Eye-Catching Statement Sandals Fashion Inspiration

Shine the spotlight on your feet by slipping them into statement sandals this summer. Scour our favorite summer sandals to transform the most neutral of wardrobes.

Sandal season is here and your feet are begging to be let out to play under the sun. Leave the socks for when you’re wearing shoes because here in Malaysia, there is no such thing as wearing sandals with socks when it’s close to 40 degree Celsius outside.

While chunky 90s sandals, tall gladiator sandals and birkenstocks have their place in your wardrobe, don’t limit yourself to just these.

There is a myriad of sandal styles so very summer-worthy to covet. Aside from the classic nude or neutral-hued sandals that are always considered the first choice and a smart investment, be adventurous and pick ones that come in colors, tassels, fringes, stones, beads and lace and other decorative features that will highlight your feet this summer.

Mind Over Feet

For those afflicted with a love-and-hate relationship with their feet, we recommend only sporting bold sandals on your good feet days. For folks who experience intense pain at the sight of their feet and have a deep-seated need to swap their feet with somebody else’s, don’t we all understand the pain and know that it too shall pass.

As for the rest who are convinced that their feet are awesome and must be flaunted, sporting the most attention-seeking sandals will definitely be one of the life’s little pleasures.

How To Wear Statement Sandals?

A pair of statement sandals can uplift the simplest of outfits. And if you are the type of laid-back dresser with a penchant for monotonous ensembles, saying yes to styling it up with a pair eye-popping sandals this season is inevitable.

Not sure exactly what sandal styles to wear and how to match them with an outfit? Scroll on down for a few fashion tips on how to do just that:

chunky cutout medallion buckle sandals – Chicwish

Chunky straps, gold decorative buckles and a medallion smack on a thick-soled black sandals are for babes who view footwear as another excuse to accessorize. With loud sandals like this, it’s best to keep your outfit a little mellow in comparison unless you are fond of loud-on-loud dressing.

bow sandals – Girl’s Haven

Bows are sweet and feminine on hair and clothing. If you are obsessed with anything with bows, a pair of bow embellished sandals will be right up your alley. Although the color scheme of these sandals is neutral, the presence of bows stacked up this way can be enough to get heads of your friends and enemies swinging.

With this sandal style, allow yourself to inject fun into your outfit by bringing in some colors and prints into the equation.

bold green sandals

Bright colored sandals make for a fun complementary color-block piece and that is exactly how it is done here by Krista. Teaming up her bold blue swing dress with the green sandals, she gives a nod to the color block fashion trend in one effortless outfit.

colorful ethnic sandals – Renuar

Want to ooze bohemian-hippie-esque vibe? Pick thong sandals rendered in colorful beads to go with a flowy tribal dress. Don’t forget the headband and round sunglasses to complete the free-spirited look.

For more statement sandal ideas to choose from, look below to the selected polyvore boards:

Untitled #185

beaded sandals – ModCloth

#87 Sunshine

ancient greek sandals in yellow – Modaoperandi

Boho colored denium contest

tribal cross-strap sandals – Accessorize

Striped t-shirt and shorts

seed beads fringe thong sandals – TK Maxx

What is your favorite statement sandal style? Like any of the sandals showcased here? Tell us quickly: Do you have a complicated relationship with your feet — like I sometimes do? If so, please share your thoughts on how to overcome it below.

“I don’t like things like little sandals that look fragile. I like to look strong and commanding.”Zoe Saldana

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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