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Fashionista NOW: DIY Fashion Project ~ How To Stud Your Own Clothing, Shoes & More?

Studded items of clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery have been stated to carry an edgy characteristic about them.

When just about every fashionista of all types; from the princess-y demure doll-like to outrageously gothic punk rockstar-esque have been seen to sport the same kind of stud-manic look, you’ll start to wonder if there was truly ever an edge in studs.

In actuality, it is the character of the wearer of studs that brings out the edge instead of the other way round but I can understand the visual edginess that oozes out of these shiny metallic things as they glimmer by themselves. The fact that the spiky ones can be pokey is one we should all be concerned about.

Anyway, an already studded piece of clothing can be expensive especially if it carries a popular designer name that you may have to fast for about a month or two if you’re broke and obsessed.

But guess what, with the Internet, you can scour the whole virtual universe for DIY tutorials in the form of blog postings and YouTube videos on how to stud pretty much everything that you want to have studded. I’m talking about clothes, shoes, belts, that kind of stuff here, so please do not stud yourselves.

One of the many trends that was and is still adored by the young crowd is the studded shorts. You’ll never run out of ideas on this one. Studs in all shapes and sizes can be purchased at your local arts and craft stores and you’ll be swooned by the variety as well as the friendly price-tag.

Check out Free People’s simple blog post on how to stud your old denim cutoffs to learn how easy it is!

If you want to sport studded sneakers but aren’t mad enough to break a bank to buy one, check out this awesome DIY studded sneakers blog post by Honestly WTF.

Customizing your own clothing with studs that you choose yourself is a fun project to do which will tease out that inner miss creativity. Nothing beats giving your own clothing a personal touch by studding them yourself.

Below is a selection of lookbookers rocking their studded pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes for your inspirational perusal. Although theirs aren’t exactly DIYs except for a few, you can use these to get an idea on how you can go about studding your own stuff!

Watch MacBarbie’s video tutorial on how to stud ballet flats:

Watch BeautyCrush’s tutorial on how she studs her denim shorts:

Bored of your phone casing? Stud it up. Just make sure the casing is made of silicone or rubber, though. Watch StayTrueSailor’s video on how she does it:

Are you as excited about DIY stud fashion missions as I am? I hope you are! Share your next DIY stud ideas below, please.

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