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Fashionista NOW: Dark Floral Fashion Inspiration

The end of the year calls for moody (yet festive) floral prints.

Resist not their dreary appeal for the sight of foliage in dark background colors, such as black and navy, has the power to breathe life into the most monochromatic and muted of outfits.

While a punch of floral patterns in vibrant summer-y colors isn’t exactly off limits for the cooler months, a more subdued breed of floral rendered in a dark background makes for a versatile option as anything muted can be extended into any season and occasion.

While you’re high on holiday spirit, the new year’s just around the corner. And if you’re planning to party to the dawn of 2014, perhaps a dark floral look may tickle your fancy? Perhaps not, if you are prone to shimmer and glitter.

But for wallflowers, who’d prefer to shine, albeit, in a low-key sort of way, a dark floral motif is party material enough.

And if you’ve always wanted to wear floral patterns but find the sight of typical blooms a tad too gaudy for your taste, you may want to check out dark version of the print.

For an all over dark aura, make sure to team with dark colors (obviously) or other earthy muted natural tones that will do nothing else but complement the main floral motif.

For a quick look at how to get the dark and mysterious look with floral prints, see below:

velvet floral playsuit – Ark Clothing

floral sweater – Mango

floral shirt – Sheinside

floral blouse – Zara

floral dress – Foymall

floral bomber jacket – Lovers + Friends

floral skirt – Forever 21

Which of these dark floral looks do you like the most? Here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas, a joyful holiday season and a lovely happy new year!

“You know a (wo)man is interesting when you forget to notice how expensive — or cheap — his/her clothes are.”Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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